July 1, 2010

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This joint is bombing...

I love the Home Grow in Grocer....
Deb is a warm and honest business owner with a great model. Opperates on cash check or trust, none of that fancy plastic shit. One afternoon I didn't have cash, she sent me on my way saying come back whenever with a check. The food was so good I went back the next day to pay her and get more nectarines. I love the location, I love that she has my favourite bacon and frozen pork products from gelderman's farms, and I can always get fresh bread and eggs as well. Everything I need for the week, all in one little shop, and it is relatively inexpensive compared with mainstream retail. Quality and nutrient levels are also far superior that whatever safeway is peddling these days.
Keep it up Deb!

Alexander more than 4 years ago

Home Grow in Grocer

You have to believe it to see it!!! Deb is as the article states. She is the real thing when it comes to honesty and intregrity with her customers and her farmers(from what I have seen at her store). I can not say enough about the lady. She has helped my family through some tough times this past year and we appreciate it very much. She gives every child who passes by an apple. But what she extends most is herself and we really appreciate it and know that she is creating the community around us all. Great job Deb keep up the good work!!!

Jennie more than 4 years ago

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