July 1, 2010

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Magic Pie Can Fly

HI Guys,

If you want super torque, then get the Magic Pie external controller option, and use the 40 amp infineon controller from Golden Motor offer it with external controller now, and it's far more reliable, and much better than golden motor's controllers!

I ripped out my internal controller and it's unbelievable the difference it made. Top speed 24 mph @ 48-52 volts, if you want to go faster then, you might want to use 72 volts, as the motor is wired more for torque. This is an animal of a motor and has no internal gears to brake. I have 800 miles on it now and no problems and do lots of steep hill climbing! Just make sure you use 2 really strong torque arms, or it's bye bye dropouts!

Before I killed my internal controller I modded it to 80 amps, now the speed I got up steep hills was amazing. The first time I pulled the throttle it threw me off the bike, I didn't even move an inch forward, the front wheel shot straight up in the air!

The magic Pie motor (external controller) is an incredible motor, but it's also very hard to pedal on anything other than level ground, so if you like to do lots of peddling, it's not the motor for you!

Just make sure if pulling high amps that your cabling stays cool, I rewired mine and it stays cool @40amps, the motor stays cool too even after going up a steep hill full throttle!

And above all, make sure you have a battery capable of pulling 40 amps constant, a lipo pack is probably what you want, or a very high amp rated LiFeP04!

This is a fun motor and taking off even on hills is fun, the acceleration is addictive! But again external controller is an absolute must, for reliability and power! Once up to speed this motor consumes only around 700-800 watts on level ground @48-52 volts! I can go for 30-35 miles full throttle on 20 amps!

Now I want to try a geared motor, because I really want to pedal, which is why I went electric in the first place, and only to use the motor for assistance up hills. But I didn't realize the resistance the magic pie would create!

Mark more than 3 years ago

Magic Pie

Hey Joy ~ With further experience on these different systems since the 2010 Slapdown, I recommend the 9 Continents system from:
or a complete ecargo-bike solution from

The Magic Pie won The Slapdown because it was the only motor left alive by the end, but friend to friend - I more highly recommend the 9C systems.


Gabe Dominguez more than 3 years ago

e bike

Thanks for doing the home work - I've been looking at the stats on -line but you really need to try these out.

Is there a good place to purchase the magic pie kit ?

joy more than 4 years ago

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