Top 5 Reasons to Bike to Work

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should bike to work by Momentum Magazine.

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Here are the top 5 reasons why you should bike to work!

1. FUN!

Because it makes the trip to work pleasurable.

2. De-stress

Get some exercise; no sitting in traffic jams.

3. Convenience

Parking is as easy as finding the nearest pole or rack.

4. Fresh air

For you and others.

5. Freedom

To explore your city and go at your own pace.

Are you ready to put pedal to pavement and commute by bike? Let us show you how to bike to work and enjoy it and be sure to also check out our Top 10 tips for first-time bicycle commuters.


  • robyn

    5. because it gets me there with a smile 4. it makes my co-workers happy. 3. i meet great people. 2. it encourages people to donate to MS150 when they see my jersey. and the #1 reason: the preschool kids wave every morning and say ‘hey bike lady’ and blow me kisses,

  • Matthew

    Hmm where’s ‘save a fortune in petrol’? That’s why I’m buying a bike, to save £75pcm

  • wing-siu wong

    My son Andy is a daily bicycle commuter. He is 16 and rides everyday to school. He has been doing so since kindergarden. When he went to pre-school, we rode there together on a trail-a-bike.

    When I was writing an article a few years ago about kids and bicycle commuting, I asked him: “Off the top of your head – what are the five things you like best about riding your bike?” he said

    (1) “Freedom.”
(2) “Getting to go fast and not having to wait for the bus.”

    (3) “Not having to ask for a drive.”
(4) “Being able to go somewhere and being free to leave when I want to.”
(5) “It’s a great workout.”

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