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Maxwell M. Addington lives and works on East Vancouver's Adanac/Union bike route, which he cycles every day. Apart from studying journalism, he likes to berate his friends and family for taking plastic bags and/or driving cars. He is currently writing a novel, set in Amsterdam.

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Strida Bike

A bike that is designed for short commutes and a great way to meet new people. more »

Jul 12, 2011 Bikes (2 Comments)

Digital photo by T. of Simply Bike

Capturing Cycling Culture

Events and trends in 2010 have shaped North America's cities and cyclists. more »

Nov 7, 2010 , Features

Weekend Without Oil

Could you reduce your oil dependency? more »

Aug 16, 2010 News (1 Comments)

Maxwell M. Addington

Infrastructure Plans for Broadway Street

The City of Vancouver wants to make the Central Broadway area more sustainable. The VACC has some suggestions. more »

Aug 16, 2010