Munro, Aretha en-us Mon, 15 Aug 2011 10:37:26 GMT Reflections from a Momentum Intern My four-and-a-half month internship, funded by the YMCA Post Secondary Eco-Internship Program, has come and gone way too fast.

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Top 10 Bike Events in North America From rides, to parades, trade shows and conferences, in North America, there are plenty of bike-friendly gatherings for you and your two wheels to attend year-round.

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Bell Muni Urban Sport Helmet Integrated rear flashing lights and OneStep Plus Fit System with a ratcheting buckle.

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Cyclepalooza A community-based, bicycle-themed festival promoting arts, culture, events and fun in Calgary, AB June 17-26, 2011.

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BIXI Toronto Bike Launch: May 3, 2011 BIXI is ready to roll in Toronto on May 3.

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Best Cycling Destinations: North America Top 10 most bikeable cities in North American.

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Separated Bike Lanes vs. the Street : New Bike Injury Study Separated bike lanes lessen, or at least do not increase, crash and injury rates compared to bicycling on the street.

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Give a Minute A fun engagement tool for people to take a minute and think about improving their city.

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One Day One School Getting students, school staff and parents to walk and cycle.

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Adventures of El Arbol Paul Freedman shares how he fought the tall bike law and won.

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European Cyclists’ Federation: A Pro-Choice Voice The ECF and their concern with mandatory helmet laws.

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Jan Gehl: Cities for People A report from the Jan Gehl lecture held at the Vancouver Playhouse on Jan. 24, 2011.

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