bike safety en-us Wed, 23 Apr 2014 08:43:00 GMT Saris Cycle Guide Lights Saris aims to make biking more accessible and has recently revealed their Cycle Guide Lights; small solar-powered LED lights that provide visual delineation along bike paths.

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Haiku Signs for Safer NYC Streets “Curbside Haiku” uses public art as a vehicle to emphasize shared responsibility for urban street safety among cyclists, pedestrians and motorists in NYC.

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Designer Nona Varnado on Emerging Bike Fashion Trends Nona Varnado, one of my favorite designers, makes beautiful women’s clothes that just happen to be ideal for city cycling.

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Legal Brief - Collision Safety Laws in the USA Failure to comply with state or local laws with respect to lights could result in a ticket, or worse yet, being blamed for a collision. Breaking them compromises a cyclist’s legal position.

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Bike Curious - How to Fit a Bike Helmet How to size and wear a bike helmet properly.

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Vespertine: BikeStyle and Safety Sustainable Fashions by VESPERTINE. Made in NYC for the new urban lifestyle.

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