Bike Smart

  • Photo by Myleen Hollero

    Bike Smart: Madeleine Savit

    Madeleine Savit is a former architect, academic medical research manager, and home-schooling mother currently living in San Francisco, CA. more »

    Dec 5, 2013 Features

  • Lisa Beth Anderson

    Bike Smart: Kellie Morris

    Kellie Morris is the "Street Savy" Adult Bicycle Safety Program Director for Women On Bikes SoCal and writes the "We All Ride Bikes" column for Women on Bikes SoCal. more »

    Sep 16, 2013 Features

  • Photo Courtesy of Trevor Block

    Bike Smart: Stephanie Frans

    Stephanie Frans is the commute program manager with the Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation. She works with the Seattle business community through the Bike Business Forum. more »

    Mar 1, 2013 Features 1 Comments

  • Photo by Magda Sierzputowska

    Bike Smart: Bill Millerd

    Bill Millerd is the artistic managing director of Vancouver’s Arts Club Theatre Company in Vancouver, BC. He rides five or six times a week from his home in False Creek to the Arts Club offices. more »

    Jan 20, 2013 Features

  • Alyssandra Promo Portraits

    Photo by Maribel Farina

    Bike Smart: Alyssandra Nighswonger

    Alyssandra Nighswonger is a 26-year-old musician, artist, painter, poet, traveler, Korean-style letter brush artist at Disneyland and barista/ open mic host at a coffeehouse in Long Beach, CA, called Viento y Agua. more »

    Oct 11, 2012 Features

  • Anne Phyfe Palmer poses with her trusty Raleigh beside
her backyard vegetable garden.

    Photo by Bez Palmer

    Bike Smart: Anne Phyfe Palmer

    Anne Phyfe Palmer is a 42-year-old wife and mother of two daughters, aged six and 11, living in the Madison Valley neighborhood of Seattle, WA. more »

    Jul 1, 2012 Features

  • Simon Luethi

    Bike Smart: Allan Ishac

    Cycling is sanity for Allan Ishac, a published writer and author living in New York City. more »

    Jun 7, 2012 Features