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Photo by Ramsay DeGive

Cleverhood – Focusing on the Personal Touch

Cleverhood's goal is simple: “to make great outerwear incorporating the cape profile that will extend people’s abilities to walk and ride in livable cities.” more »

Apr 17, 2014 BikeStyle

Photo courtesy of Quercus Publishing PLC

Caz Nicklin's The Girls' Bicycle Handbook

A Q&A with the author of The Girls' Bicycle Handbook, Caz Nicklin. more »

Apr 10, 2014 BikeStyle

Martone Cycling Co. Celebrates First Anniversary With New MC2 Collection

Known for bringing a fashion-forward design aesthetic to the city bike, Martone Cycling Co. is celebrating their one year anniversary in style with the launch of their MC2 collection. more »

Apr 3, 2014 BikeStyle

Photo courtesy of Ideal & Co. – Living Heritage

Ideal and Co. – Living Heritage

“Some things stay with your forever” is embossed on every one of Ideal & Co.’s products, a slogan that speaks to their dedication to exquisite artisan designed leather products. more »

Apr 1, 2014 Carry Stuff

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Norco 16 inch. "Sparkle" or "Megablaster." You decide.


Girl Bikes and Boy Bikes. Is There a Difference?

Norco has a great little 16 inch kids' bike in blue. It comes with pink "Sparkle" stickers and green "Megablaster" stickers. You get to choose if you want to pink it up. Or not. more »

Feb 3, 2012 Families on Bikes

Laura Wells and her sons take the scenic route home.

Nate Guimont

This Mama Bikes in Heels

Laura Wells discovered biking when she was stuck in a car in a traffic jam and craved more time and less stress. Now she bikes everywhere and pulls her sons in a trailer. While dressed in fab frocks with only the fanciest heels, of course more »

Jan 13, 2012 Families on Bikes (9 Comments)

My favourite bike socks ever.

Kathleen Wilker

My Favourite Bike Socks

If you are a mom who rides a bike, you will love these bikes socks. more »

Nov 20, 2011 Families on Bikes (2 Comments)