biking with kids en-us Thu, 04 Sep 2014 06:36:50 GMT An Education on Riding a Bike to School How do you keep kids riding to school all year long?

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Family Riding Solution: Shelby Sanchez Shelby Sanchez is a Creative Marketing Strategist, Inspirer at Dream Inspired Design, a mother of two toddlers, and lives car-free with a Babboe Big Cargobike in Long Beach, CA.

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Bike Shop – G&O Family Cyclery Davey Oil and Tyler Gillies opened G&O Family Cyclery in October 2013, a full service shop that specializes in bicycles for families.

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4th Annual Gear Guide: Family From Momentum Mag's 4th Annual Goody Basket Gear Guide: Family.

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5 Cargo Bike Lessons Learned While Riding with Children Shelby Sanchez shares cargo bike lessons she learned while riding with her two young children.

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Bike Share for Kids Launches in Paris Paris is launching bike share for kids, P'tit Vélib, in parks and designated areas throughout the city.

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Family Spotlight – The Bruntletts Chis and Melissa Bruntlett share how they have woven bicycles into their family's daily life.

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Generation Bike Kathleen Wilker reflects on what it will take to help our kids grow up as Generation Bike.

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Family Riding Solution – Lisa Logan "Cycling is a way of life for me and it makes getting around easy and fun," said Toronto-based mother and freelance architectural photographer Lisa Logan.

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Nutcase Little Nutty Helmet Review Momentum Mag reviews Nutcase Little Nutty Helmet

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How to Know if a Cargo Bike is Right for Your Family For Erin DeLaney, the decision to purchase a cargo bike required a change of thinking and a focus on what truly mattered to her family.

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The Art of Scheduling the Bicycle Family Melissa Bruntlett reflects on the patience and planning that was needed to manage a busy family's schedules by bike.

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Family Spotlight – Kathleen Wilker Kathleen Wilker shares how her family adds bikes to their everyday routine.

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361 Days of Bliss Reflections after a year of car-free, family-full living.

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Family Spotlight – Tania and Gwendal Momentum Mag's COO, Tania Lo, and Energy Specialist at Tourism Vancouver, Gwendal Castellan, share how bikes are a part of their family's everyday routine.

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Creating a Neighborhood Network of Parent Cycling Champions How a single school bike club spread to other schools in the neighborhood due to an energetic network of parent cycling champions.

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Preparing for the Winter Cycling Congress Kathleen Wilker on how she prepared to present on winter cycling with children at the second international Winter Cycling Congress.

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A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Cycling and Walking to School School Travel Planning projects yield $200,000 in annual health and societal benefits from car trip reduction and increases in walking and cycling.

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Going Car-light With a Reluctant 7-year-old There was just one problem with my family going car-light: My reluctant 7-year-old saw no reason to learn to ride a bike.

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The Weehoo iGo PRO Pedal Trailer Review Momentum Mag reviews the Weehoo iGo PRO Pedal Trailer.

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