Biking for Health en-us Tue, 07 Oct 2014 07:21:00 GMT The Girl with the Purple Cane: Liz Jackson Meet Liz Jackson, the honest, strong, and funny author behind the blog "The Girl with the Purple Cane."

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Happier, Healthier, and Biking to School How one year of riding transformed 16-year-old Keishawn Blackstone.

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Pedaling Through the Pain For Charis Hill, movement is crucial and her bike is central to this need.

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Is Bicycling a Form of Preventive Health Care? Recent studies continue to shed light on how everyday cycling is not only good for our cardiovascular health but also a way to save billions in health care costs.

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Gaining Strength and Building a Better Community Through Recovery Diagnosed with the incurable, but treatable, blood cancer Multiple Myeloma, Mat Goldman credits his passion for bicycling as being essential in assisting his relatively early diagnosis.

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Battling Diabetes One Pedal Stroke at a Time A diabetes diagnosis helped Wendi McDonald make drastic life changes – changes she’s now inspiring other women to make too.

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