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Chicago’s Bike Shop Scene: Women Taking Charge

Chicago is no longer a man’s world – bike world, that is. In the span of a few weeks, two women-owned bike shops have opened in Chicago’s thriving bike community. more »

Apr 10, 2014 Features

Photo by Martha Williams

BikeStyle: Leah Missbach Day

Leah Missbach Day, co-founder and photographer for World Bicycle Relief (WBR) in Chicago, IL, shares her BikeStyle. more »

Oct 3, 2013 BikeStyle

Photo by Martha Williams

BikeStyle: Gabe Klein

Gabe Klein, Commissioner for the Department of Transportation in Chicago, IL, shares his Bikestyle. more »

Apr 22, 2013 BikeStyle

Photos Courtesy of John Greenfield

Chicago’s Goal: Best Big City for Bicycling in America

“Building a bicycling network is important to creating a quality of life in Chicago that will attract businesses and families to the city,” announced Mayor Rahm Emanuel at the opening of the Dearborn Street protected bike lanes. more »

Feb 22, 2013 Cities (3 Comments)

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Photos by Christopher Dilts

Cycle Messager World Championships

Chicago delivers the 2012 Cycle Messenger World Championships more »

Jun 8, 2011 News (1 Comments)

Courtesy of

Climate Cycle “Ride to Recharge”

Climate Cycle “Ride to Recharge” offers serious cyclists 62 and 125-mile courses. more »

Apr 27, 2011 News