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The New Face of Cycling

Stereotypes about bicycling are falling away as diverse communities adopt and promote the cycling lifestyle. more »

Jun 13, 2012 Features (1 Comments)

Local Spokes

Advocates from nine organizations in New York – including Transportation Alternatives and Asian Americans for Equity – formed Local Spokes in 2011. more »

Jun 13, 2012 Features

Cycling during a trip is getting easier all the time

Doug Scott

Bike Shares in Canada and the US

These cities are leading North America with bike share systems up and riding! more »

Mar 7, 2012 Cities

Doug Scott

How to Rent a Bike while Traveling

Cycling during a trip is getting easier all the time. Here are a few tips for those trips when taking your wheels with you just isn't practical. more »

Mar 7, 2012 How To's (6 Comments)

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Blog Entries

These kids own the road and are ready to ride.

Dennis Van Staalduinen

Inspired By Our Bike Parade

A celebratory bike parade reminds us that the kids are confident, capable and ready to ride. more »

Sep 16, 2012 Families on Bikes

Arriving at Roots and Shoots


Spokes and Sprouts? A 9-day velo-adventure of Ottawa´s Foodscapes

Bike touring, farm touring. An eating, riding, community-building adventure you're welcome to be a part of. more »

Apr 16, 2012 Families on Bikes

Refurbished Bikes for Sale

Kathleen Wilker

Need a New Bike? Lots of Second-Hand Options

While there are all kinds of shiny new bikes for kids and adults at fine bike shops everywhere, there are also lots of well-loved bikes looking new homes. If you've got an old bike sitting in the garage, consider donating it to be refurbished. more »

Apr 15, 2012 Families on Bikes

Happy cyclists.

Kathleen Wilker

Gearing Up for Bike Month

May is bike month. Once upon a time there was "bike to work week." Now it's a whole month. And it's about biking everywhere, all the time. Because biking is fun, social, great exercise and often quick and convenient. more »

Apr 14, 2012 Families on Bikes (3 Comments)