Stephen Irving

Photo courtesy of Shinola

Shinola Runwell City Bike Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Shinola Runwell city bike. more »

Apr 17, 2014 12:41 PM Bikes

Catalog Shoot

Photo courtesy of Virtue Bikes

Virtue Bikes Seven Review

Momentum Mag reviews the 2013 Virtue Bikes Seven city bike. more »

Apr 3, 2014 8:37 AM Bikes

Photo Courtesy of Nix The Intern

New Belgium Brewing Takes Being Bike-friendly on Tour

Fort Collins, Colorado-based New Belgium Brewing was conceived as a result of homebrewer Jeff Lebesch’s bicycle trip through Belgium in 1989 – and to this day bicycling lies at the heart of New Belgium Brewing. more »

Oct 15, 2013 7:31 AM Features

Bike-Friendly Banking with ING Direct

For the past 13 years, ING DIRECT has quietly made the bicycle a pillar of its values-based approach toward lifestyle and sustainability. more »

Jul 22, 2013 8:05 AM Features

Photo Courtesy of Locus Architecture

Locus Architecture Uses the Bicycle as a Community Catalyst

Architects have a tendency to promote social idealism; Locus Architecture of Minneapolis, MN, is no exception. Since 1995, the firm has been using the bicycle as a source of inspiration. more »

Apr 15, 2013 12:00 AM Features


HootSuite is Going Owly for the Bike

The first thing you notice when you walk into HootSuite’s non-descript offices in Vancouver, BC’s Railtown district are the bikes. more »

Feb 6, 2013 8:59 AM Features

Electra Ticino 7D City Bike Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Electra Ticino 7D. more »

Oct 31, 2012 7:16 AM Bikes 1 Comments

Montana Maurice

Reinventing the Wheel with Artist Vanessa Renwick

Artist Vanessa Renwick uses installations and video to bring awareness to cycling. more »

Jul 1, 2010 2:16 PM Features

David Niddrie

Opus Lugano

The Opus Lugano a great commuter for all experience levels at a good price. more »

Jun 30, 2010 5:51 PM Bikes

Go Means Go: Biking in Seattle

Go Means Go promotes events for Seattle's cycling community. more »

Mar 1, 2010 4:10 PM Features

Simon Farla

Coco Love Alcorn is Sweet on Cycling

Singer/songwriter Coco Love Alcorn talks about music and bikes. more »

Mar 1, 2010 4:09 PM Features

Navid Baraty

Bicycle Café Culture Takes Root!

Cafés are starting to thrive within bicycle culture to offer a friendly space for enthusiasts as well as help legitimize the cycling movement. more »

Jan 1, 2010 10:24 PM Features

Christopher Dilts

2010 TyK Calendars Raise Money For Women’s Health

A calendar that challenges stereotypes to benefit women's health. more »

Nov 2, 2009 4:14 PM Features

ARTCRANK- A Poster Party for Bike People

ARTCRANK: for people who love art and bicycles. more »

Sep 1, 2009 2:10 PM