Issue 45

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The Travel Issue - featuring a Q & A with the Bike Snob - aka Eben Oliver Weiss on the occasion of his book launch and the revealing of his true identity; a city feature about Detroit; also includes travel stories from across the US and Canada, France and Japan. E-bikes subculture; camping polenta recipe; how to mount a stereo system on your bike and much more!

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E-volution: The Age of the Electric Bike

A history of the electric bike, a modern invention with an old story. more »

Jun 17, 2010 Features (2 Comments)

Cycling Adventures, 10 Steps to Becoming a Bicycle Traveler

From finding the right bike to getting in shape, ten steps to getting you on a bike. more »

May 10, 2010 Features

Cycling Adventures, Cruise de Coeur in Idaho

Flat and paved, the Trail of Coeur d'Alene route is biking bliss for newcomers and veterans. more »

May 10, 2010 Features

Cycling Adventures, Cycling for Change

The Otesha Project uses bicycle touring and performance to connect communities. more »

May 10, 2010 Features (1 Comments)