Issue 61 en-us Mon, 24 Jun 2013 07:47:23 GMT Tucson: Portraits in the Old Pueblo With more than 1,000 miles (1,609 kilometers) of bike infrastructure, a variety of riders can be spotted on Tucson streets. Photographer James S. Wood introduces us to a few.

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Tucson Visitors' Guide Momentum Mag's guide to experiencing Tucson, AZ, by bike.

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Tucson: Welcome to the Wild Urban West With nearly 1,000 miles (1,609 kilometers) of bike infrastructure, Tucson's bike-friendly streets and paths provide easy access to some of the city's most popular shops, cafes, and restaurants.

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Summer Chic Longer days and rising temperatures are perfect for showing off your cycle style.

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How to Buy a Vintage Bicycle Jamie McGregor, founder of the Canadian Vintage Bicycle Show, collects and sells bicycles, parts, photos, and memorabilia and offers this advice to first time vintage bicycle buyers.

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Bicycle Weddings From tandems to bicycle-themed cake toppers, couples are adding bikes to their weddings in charming ways.

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Bike Makeover: Reece Griffin Technical Director, Reece Griffin, gets a Momentum Mag bike makeover.

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How to Buy a Custom Handmade Bicycle Natalie Ramsland of Sweetpea Bicycles offers her advice for first time custom bike buyers.

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Style Notes - Reflective Loafers Amp Night Visibility Fashion meets function in a bold new design from popular shoe brand Cole Haan.

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Style Notes - Proof NY The Visser Pants by Proof NY, the company’s flagship women’s product.

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Good Read - Straphanger: Saving Our Cities and Ourselves from the Automobile In Straphanger, we join Taras Grescoe on a journey around the world; traveling by public transportation and exploring several of the transit successes and failures of our time.

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Mind the Details - 3rd Annual Goody Basket Gear Guide 2013 When buying a bicycle for daily use it is important to ask if the bike’s frame will accommodate a kickstand, fenders, racks, and other essential city riding accessories.

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Sunset Cruise Danish designed Viva Bikes are making their way to North American streets. Enjoy the elegant and sophisticated upright riding comfort of the beautiful Juliett, a perfect companion for a stylish cruise around town.

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The Perfect Date Redefining manufacturing in the Motor City, Shinola is creating bicycles in Detroit, MI, made of US steel and equipped with quality bicycle parts and accessories sourced from the US whenever possible.

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Take a Slow Ride Across a Remarkable Bridge I took my bike by the horns last summer and headed north from midtown up along Manhattan’s western edge to the George Washington Bridge.

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Streetsblog Expands on the Ground Coverage to Chicago As Chicago leaps toward a bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly future, writers and planners, John Greenfield and Steven Vance, are tracking every move on Streetsblog Chicago.

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One Way, No Way: An Early Streetsblog Success In March 2007, Streetsblog founder and editor-in-chief Aaron Naparstek, started covering a plan to create a one way auto-oriented street ultimately leading to its rejection.

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Upclose and Personal with Visionary National Advocate Mark Gorton Mark Gorton, businessman and sustainable-transportation advocate who founded OpenPlans: a nonprofit group dedicate to making city streets more livable through technology, planning, and community engagement.

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Bike Shop: Houndstooth Road Much like the duotone textile pattern of the same name, the bicycles that you’ll find within the doors of Houndstooth Road in Decatur, GA, are timeless, classic, simple, and elegant.

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Complete Streets: How Including Everyone Can Make Communities Safe, Fun, and Prosperous The Complete Streets movement is gaining more ground as politicians and planners respond to the call for safer and more inclusive streets.

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