Cycling for Beginners Everyone has to start somewhere, which means learning about bike mechanics, easy how-to biking guides, reviews of books for first-time cyclists, and more! en-us Tue, 26 Aug 2014 06:59:00 GMT Behind the Scenes with Dublin Cycling Stories Momentum Mag chats with Paddy Cahill from Dublin about his recent project, the Dublin Cycling Stories.

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Caz Nicklin's The Girls' Bicycle Handbook A Q&A with the author of The Girls' Bicycle Handbook, Caz Nicklin.

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How to Pump Up Your Tires Follow these inflation tips for a smoother and more efficient roll.

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You Go, Girl! If you're considering giving cycling a try for the first time since childhood - or ever - these tips will help you get rolling.

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Cycle Salvation and a School Bike Rodeo School-based bike rodeos are an opportunity to teach students the basics of riding a bike. Thanks to dedicated staff members and generous community support, the bike rodeo at Viscount Alexander Public School in Ottawa was also an opportunity to outfi

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Inside: The Bike - Belt Drives The wonders of a belt drive.

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How Can You Intern at Momentum and Not Ride a Bike? It turns out that it's just not possible, and even the bike-bereft will end up inspired to get back on.

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How to Buy a Bike: Five Tips from an Expert Find out what bike is right for you.

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This is the Bike Lifestyle Tackling the definition of the “bike lifestyle.”

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Bike it Off - 1st Study to Look at Weight Loss and Cycling New research shows that biking has the same weight loss benefits as brisk walking.

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Transforming the Streets One Bicyclist at a Time Tips on helping others discover the joy of cycling.

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Cycling At All Ages We hear from cyclists of all ages about their experiences of riding, and teaching their children to ride.

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The True Story of an Adult Bicycle Beginner As I yearned to go out and ride with the other kids, the forbidden bicycle became a symbol to me of childhood joys, and of freedom.

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