McCamy, Laura en-us Mon, 06 Jan 2014 07:05:00 GMT Clearing the Way for Winter Riders Cities tackle winter weather to keep riders rolling.

]]> Mon, 06 Jan 2014 07:05:00 GMT
Next Wave of Bike Share Systems to Reach Broader Communities As bike sharing systems expand across North American cities, the question of equitable access to active transit has come into sharper focus.

]]> Fri, 24 May 2013 08:08:00 GMT
Open Streets: A Gateway to Better Cities People walk, bicycle, hula-hoop and hopscotch. This is the genius of Open Streets: closing public space to cars and opening it to human activity.

]]> Mon, 22 Apr 2013 00:00:00 GMT
Sharing the Love: How Bicycle Share Systems Make Cycling Accessible How bicycle sharing systems overcome design challenges creating a bicycle that will be comfortable, user-friendly and stand up to all sorts of weather.

]]> Mon, 07 Jan 2013 07:05:00 GMT
Two Bay Area Streets Reclaimed for People Oaklavia's car-free day is a great success. Oaklavia and Sunday Streets are about being, not doing.

]]> Sun, 19 Sep 2010 21:03:18 GMT
Oakland’s Creative Bicycle Culture Riding a bike can be a form of art in Oakland.

]]> Sat, 01 May 2010 15:04:00 GMT
An Actual Oasis for Cyclists Promoting a homemade feel, Actual Cafe is a new addition to East Bay bicycle culture.

]]> Mon, 01 Mar 2010 09:21:50 GMT
Safe Streets for All How Berkeley has transformed to be a more bicycle friendly city.

]]> Mon, 01 Mar 2010 09:06:20 GMT
A Glorious Feeling: Riding in the Rain Tips on enjoying rainy weather in the Bay Area.

]]> Fri, 01 Jan 2010 12:30:00 GMT