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Testing Out Sport Cycling

Sarah Ripplinger, senior editor at Momentum Magazine, talks about her venture into two new forms of cycling - road and mountain biking. more »

Sep 22, 2011 Columns

Illustration by Robert Higdon

Bike Curious - Bikes Defined

Making the distinction between different bike types. more »

Aug 8, 2011 Bikes (1 Comments)

Joe Breeze on Biking

Joe Breeze talks about the history of mountain biking and the new Cloud 9 bike, his first carbon bike and first bike with 29-inch wheels. more »

Aug 9, 2010

Mountain Bike Hall of Fame party during the Fat Tire Bike Week - Kay Peterson Cook; Kent Eriksen, founder of Moots bicycles; John Chandler, president of Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association; Don Cook, longtime mountain bike advocate that built many of the legendary Crested Butte trails.

Mike Horn

Cruisers, Klunkers and Competition at Crested Butte's Fat Tire Bike Week

A townie tour and chainless race are just part of the exciting bike event that takes place each year in this bike-friendly town. more »

Jul 28, 2010 News

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Blog Entries

Carolyn Conners zips around the track during the Mountain Biking 101 course at Aspen Snowmass.

Sarah Ripplinger

Four Bikes and One Big Adventure in Aspen

The cycling in Aspen, CO, is as diverse as its geography. more »

Jul 25, 2011 Momentum Blog

Riding into the woods.

Kathleen Wilker

We Love Family Mountain Biking

A low key family mountain bike ride took us through grassy fields, into a mud puddle or two and over one giant log. We all loved it and can't wait for the next ride. more »

Jun 13, 2011 Families on Bikes (1 Comments)