Neumann, Erik en-us Thu, 16 Feb 2012 23:07:00 GMT Seattle Visitors' Guide Seattle is an excellent city to explore by bike. Bike lanes and sharrows are steadily popping up around town, thanks to the Bicycle Master Plan. Tour Seattle June through mid-September for warm days and little to no rain.

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How to Make Your Bike Tour a Success! Bike Touring - it’s cheap, healthy and always an adventure. So, how do you prepare?

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Choosing a Different Route Seattle editor Erik Neumann finds inspiration in making his own diverse route to discover the city.

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Real Life on a Bike – Nedra Deadwyler of Birdson Dwellings Nedra Deadwyler talks about her transition from car to bicycle and the affect that had on her landscaping business.

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Seattle's Spinning–For a Good Reason CISPES created Solidarity Cycle as a bike fundraiser for environmental and more casual riders.

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Theater Sports with Ilvs Strauss Ilvs Strauss talks about cycling in Seattle.

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Seattle Summer Erik Neumann takes advantage of the warm summer weather for a bike tour-themed Seattle Section.

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Kent Peterson: Blogger and Bike Buddy A profile of Seattle's Kent Peterson.

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Here’s Mud in Your Eye An editorial by Erik Neumann, Momentum's Seattle editor.

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The Messenger-Momentum #43 Bicycle advocacy becomes top priority for major cities by introducing groundbreaking policies and more secure parking for bikes.

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How to Make Your Own Wooden Bike Fenders Wood fenders are strong, relatively easy to build, and are affordable to make.

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How to Make Your Own Wooden Bike Fenders Part 2: Brackets You learned how to make your own fenders, here is how to make your own brackets for your fantastic fenders.

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Seattle Seattle has a strong Bicycle Master Plan and rich array of facilities, but still a long way to go to be a truly "bike-friendly" city.

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