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Photo by Joe Montana

Choosing the Right Handlebars

To find the right fit for my large 6’6” frame I had to try out everything, including different handlebar styles to see what worked best. more »

Feb 13, 2014 Accessories (2 Comments)

Photo by Joe Montana

Soma ES Review

Chris Schroeder reviews a custom fit Soma ES. more »

Nov 4, 2013 Bikes

Photos by Joe Montana

Tall Order - Finding the Perfect Fit

A custom fitting helps Chris Schroeder find the right fit for the Soma ES city bike. more »

Nov 4, 2013 Bikes

Photo by Joe Montana

Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen Review

Chris Schroeder reviews the Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen. more »

Aug 9, 2013 Bikes