November 30, 2012

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street use

Colville-Andersen says he is an optimist, and I do not understand why. It is TOO LATE to be planning how to better co-exist with cars. I fear he has not kept up with Climate Change science. The latest readings from the Mauna Loa observatory in Hawaii state that we have reached 396 parts per million and are accelerating, not slowing down. This means we are certain to go over 2 degrees of warming. If we don't stop ALL the sources of CO2 and equivalent gases, all life as we know it, will be doomed. In the future no one will ask "What did you do to stop Global Warming". There will be no one to ask it.

Smokey Dymny more than 1 year ago

modern streets and traffic

It is a TRULY chilling thought that the death and devastation caused on our roads by autos can be equated to "a 9/11 every MONTH" -- and NO ONE in a position to impact it is moved to do so. Instead, the callous 'entitlement motive' of the modern motorist SHOUTS DOWN any change...and he people keep dying.

Why does it have to be "the cost of doing business?"

Mark Brewster more than 2 years ago