June 13, 2012

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Is this the famous Vanmoof lady?

That's great. Just wondering, is this the Venmoof lady who upset the uptight cop in NYC, and inspired a whole protest ride?

Rowan de Bonaire 235 days ago

Girl bike is not for girls

We old guys are the ones who need the step through frame. Stiff joints are well accommodated by my Brompton with low tube, though pedaling eastbound on Charles Street can make a different kind of trouble.

Jim Henderson 235 days ago

Another way...

...might be to tip the bike so low that you can step over it, and step into the upturned pedal as you straighten up? I don't wear a skirt, but it seems to work. Just don't steal anyone's bike showing them!

alliwant more than 2 years ago

One more reason...

...to ride a small wheeled folding bike.

Brimstone more than 2 years ago

Great little Video


I enjoyed your video. I contribute to the social media and website for a bike-sharing company and would love to see more of these. If you ever have shorts you'd care to share, I would love to see them.


Becky Fay more than 2 years ago

Why worry?

I say get on and off your bike whatever way is easiest for you, and wear whatever you want. If someone is that interested in a split second of panty-flashing, give 'em a thrill!

Sarah D. more than 2 years ago

Cute but

did anyone filming this notice that SHE JUST STOLE THE OTHER LADY'S BIKE?

stormkite more than 2 years ago

she made a round

And return it.

edwin 235 days ago

Step Through is Weak

They do still make step through street bicycles, and not just for women. However, the frame design is structurally weak and limits the utility of the bike. Many women, myself included, much prefer a standard top-tube. I'm not an aggressive rider, just a sometimes commuter and more of a picnic biker. I love the method for mounting shown in this video. It's cute and intelligent, if not entirely practical. There are so many methods for skirt mounting, would love to see a compilation video.

Mary more than 2 years ago

What ever happened to?

When did manufacturers stop making step through street bicycles for women? Never used to have a problem with proper women's bikes!

Brenda Wordsworth more than 2 years ago

soooo stylish

can we use this video in an ad campaign to get more women to ride bikes? Even blokes would look good doing this (not in the skirt though)

Spanna more than 2 years ago

Lovely trick, but...

...can't I just wear shorts or capri leggings under the skirt and call it good? I really think I'd fall and crack my head open if I tried that.

Sara Potter more than 2 years ago

Second the Skirt Garters!

Yay for those skirt garters! Best things in town-

shayshay more than 2 years ago

The bike store

Brendan, the bike shop in the video is Hudson Urban Bicycles in New York's West Village. http://hudsonurbanbicycles.com/

Momentum Magazine more than 2 years ago

Where is that bike store?

That looks like a cool bike shop...I wonder where it is?

Brendan Clinton more than 2 years ago

What about once your ON the bike?

Then you need one of these skirt garters: http://www.etsy.com/listing/100887145/skirt-garterclip-for-biking

Amanda more than 2 years ago

I don't dare!

I'm pretty sure I would fall off and suffer a head injury if I tried that.

Alison Pfeffer more than 2 years ago

Cool Bike!!!

Not sure who's better looking, the girl or the Vanmoof bike.... Ha!

Dick Bernauer more than 2 years ago