August 10, 2012

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Helmets save

If the roads do not have potholes and you ride a cruise bike, a helmet doesn't make a big difference. The upright cruise bicycles that you see here are more stable than road bikes. There is almost no possibility of rotation on the front wheel, unless there is a really deep pothole. If you ride a road bike, more of your weight is on the front wheel and even a small pothole can get the front wheel stuck, and the whole bike rotates around the front wheel with you on it. Usually, this will end up the rider hitting the ground head/shoulder/neck first, neither of which is pleasant.

So, go ahead and don't wear a helmet. Just make sure you don't get out of the school yard.

tshirt more than 1 year ago


(Yeah right)
You obviously have never cycled in Holland or Denmark.
Only one cyclist's life might have been saved in Toronto in the last five years. That was the guy who decided to ride his bike in the street car tracks. Everybody else got run over by a car or truck.Wearing a helmet would have done them no good.

Peter heesakkers more than 2 years ago


Yeah Right,

So, every time you take your helmet off, you become useless?

You are right about helmet laws not being useless though. They have caused a lot of harm to people and have done a lot of harm to cycling and healthy living. They also have a very poor
record when it comes to preventing injuries.

ch1 more than 2 years ago

No helmets, no brains

Ignorant blasphemy! Helmet laws aren't useless. Only those who don't wear helmets are useless.

Yeah RIght more than 2 years ago

No helmets?!

No one is wearing helmets! Aren't those people taking their life in their hands?! Shouldn't there be a law? Of course, we know better. Helmet laws are useless and don't make bicycling safer. Protective traffic islands and other measures like that make bicycling safer.

Ryan more than 2 years ago