June 18, 2012

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Motion-activated could be a problem

One's helmet is certainly an additional point of display for necessary visibility elements. The resources used for this, though, seem like a bit of a waste when simply using a helmet-mounted light or a few reflective stickers can make use of the space.

Without knowing exactly how much I move my head now on the bike I can still guess that this would end up being distracting for drivers and other riders/walkers. Trying to guess the meaning of the patterns would be similar to trying to read those moving-image signs that don't scroll quite as quickly as your reading rate--in other words, a major safety problem as people stop focusing on their movements through traffic and the people they're participating with in the traffic flow and start focusing on a specific point in order to decode it.

I initially thought it might work as a turn signal device but I am constantly turning my head to check for drivers, other bikes, traffic, and the like. If every time I turn my head to the left or right I signal a turn I will be an absolute menace to navigation. So that wouldn't work unless you gave me a way to trigger it deliberately, rather than every time.

There's entertainment value and I can see it being a hit for free-style and trick riders and maybe for skate/longboarders.

At first I thought I'd come up with some great safety or style-oriented purpose but I guess it's lost on me.

Barb Chamberlain more than 2 years ago


Uh, this might be fun for parades even about health as he suggests BUT as a signalling device in traffic it is a horrible and selfish waste of time. See http://greenideafactory.blogspot.de/2010/09/dont-believe-hyper-illumination.html

Todd Edelman more than 2 years ago