March 13, 2014

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Levelling Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton has its 'mountain' which is to say, the Niagara Escarpment, that 100 metre tall rift that splits the city in half. It's an impediment to riding a bike, for sure.
Two years ago, I sold my touring bike and mountain bike and bought an electric, a Wisper 705Classic. Wanting to ride upright, wearing my regular clothes and not having to be concerned about the 'big sweat' of riding back up the 'mountain', I purchased that e-bike. I'm now into my third season of riding and have just turned the odometer over the 4,000 km mark!

Glen Doe 186 days ago

Eliminate the MHL

The 3 points to make Vancouver bike friendly are all closely related. The perception of cycling in the city is, it is dangerous because helmet promotion (and laws) demands the public to believe it is. The most significant threat to cyclists (and pedestrians, and motor vehicle ocupants) are drivers running into them. Separated lanes have the best record of keeping this from happening.
Good speech Mia. Weather they are wearing a helmet or not, it's time to understand, people on bikes are good for a city and its time people understand that.

Brad 250 days ago



Steve 269 days ago