April 25, 2012

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speed e:bikes

The Specialized Turbo is not the first speed E:Bike they just do so as they were first. But there are other brands with faster E:Bikes on the market. One of them is the Swiss E:Bike STROMER they came out with a 55kph and 500 Watt version in 2008. The newer 2010 version has less speed but it still go's up to 48kph! In Europe the speed never was an issue but of course you have to follow the regulations.
Btw the Stromer is available in Canada :)

Roger more than 2 years ago


Clearly the alternative to all the e-cars and hybrids being shoved at us as the alternative commuter. It's a game changer and not for bike paths, but then I've never felt that bike commuting should be exiled to paths. It's not strictly recreation it's about getting from A to B quickly and sustainably. If it will make people happy to get riders licensed I'd be only too glad to do it to ride one of these.

cyrus farivar more than 2 years ago

Clarification about electric-assist bike regs. in the EU

Current regulations for electric assist bikes in the EU only permit assist to 25kph -- the cyclist can go faster if they want under their own power -- and a max. 250w motor. There are proposals to keep the assist-rule but allow any wattage. Proponents argue that it will allow e-biking for groups previously underserved (cargo bike users, very heavy people) but opponents say that it will create a lot of bikes that accelerate surprisingly fast and will also result in a lot of cheap imports that are easily modified (i.e. to take away the 25ḱph assistance limiter.).

Todd Edelman more than 2 years ago

too fast for bike paths

Agreed. Many people already ride too fast on bike paths. This may not help matters any

Eric in Seattle more than 2 years ago


Down here in the states, electric bikes capable of more than 20mph (32kph) must be licenced as mopeds.

Eric in Seattle more than 2 years ago

too fast for bike lanes

45kph is too fast for bike paths and bike lanes. Don't see why these can't be licensed like motor scooters.

Ken more than 2 years ago

E Bike

That looks really interesting fun and super efficient.

Bruce more than 2 years ago

Chain management at speed?

Beautiful machine, and if you're trying to differentiate yourself in the ebike market, speed--even a few kilos an hour--is a natural direction for Specialized. However, as you've noted, the bike exceeds many regulatory limits, which makes me think either Specialized knows something about regulations that the rest of us don't, or that putting this kind of machine into limited circulation will 1) raise excitement outside of those markets for a derated machine and 2) allow Specialized a little space to improve the machine before that wider distribution. Judging from the very nice microsite (nice 360-degree view, Specialized), the only question I have is how well the chain will stay in place at speed on potholed roads without a front derailleur cage or inside chain guard. Other than that, very spashy entrance.

16incheswestofpeoria more than 2 years ago