July 20, 2012

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Fabulous, awesome, out of this world!!! what an amazing design!!

veronica more than 2 years ago

I would buy this

seeing as I am from seattle, and even when the entire world is experiancing a drought of biblical preportions, here it is raining and below average temps... this makes a ton of sense. the fair weather cyclists here get 4 months of great weather to ride in. the rest of the time its in inclement weather. I love this. I want it.

John Juge more than 2 years ago

I like the idea

I like the idea, but agree that it's not flexible enough to adjust to different weather situations quickly. I would DEFINITELY wear that on my scooter!!

Kevin more than 2 years ago

1 piece suit

Not a bad concept but many inprovements needed; it's the wrong colour [should be dayglo yellow or orange], not enough vents [especially for the lower body], too complicated to put on [why not design it like a wetsuit with 1 zipper in the back?], need cargo pockets.

papillion more than 2 years ago

Not to mention a total lack of weather flexibilty

One piece rain suit. If it's not a sauna/steambath inside, it still has the problem that it might be a solution for one kind of weather. Even over my 7 mile commute, the weather changes and I adjust outerwear accordingly. Other than pit-zips (which I almost never close on my other jackets), you're pretty much stuck with this thing from the time you put it on until you get to your destination. With the right wools underneath, it could work for an under 5 mile leisurely commute on Amsterdam-flat terrain, and you might get away with pulling off the suit and walking into the office. It's an intriguing idea. We'd all like a simple wet weather solution. Still, I don't see this incarnation being useful in my Puget Sound commute more than about once a year - if that. After all, with all the zips and adjustments, it's not much less complicated to put on and take off than my current jacket-pants-shoe covers solution

Rick Gilbert more than 2 years ago


Good idea, but nothing is waterproof and breathable. If it keeps the rain out, your sweat is going to soak you. Looks great though and seems pretty darn easy to put on/take off.

Sara Whitney more than 2 years ago


"Unless you're a winter commuter in the Twin Cities"

I am a year round commuter in Minneapolis and I have to admit I might wear this on the coldest of winter days here. Seems unnecessary though.

JJ more than 2 years ago


Well-- With the exception of LA (About 70 - 80% of the cycling world) there are many centres both in North America, and Europe where this would work.
I do wonder how robust it is: I work for a cargo trike company up here in Vancouver, BC.
If it can stand up to daily use where rain/salt/sun is just part of the mix, then I would really consider buying one.

Andrew R. Mitchell more than 2 years ago

Designers: How about you try riding bikes?

I'll echo the above comment. Yeah, pulling that off and having the clothes inside be dry? Good luck with that one.

Patrick more than 2 years ago

The bikesuit

No way--it would be too damn hot if you actually rode your bike in it, unless you're a winter commuter in the Twin Cities or Ottawa. Even a two-piece rainsuit leaves me drenched in sweat. My utility rides are sometimes twenty miles each way, and LA is never very cold and has hills. The only thing that works for me is a good old British-style rain cape, with plenty of nice sweet rainy-day air billowing up to keep me cool!

Plus, it comes off in a few seconds when I get to where I'm going.

Rick Risemberg more than 2 years ago