October 5, 2012

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SRTS video

Brilliant. Loved the video and have heard (almost) all of the excuses from my own wife. If parents can focus some energy on slowing down traffic on neighborhood streets people just might ride in Los Angeles.

Taylor Nichols more than 2 years ago

Too staged

I am a staunch supported of SRTS, and I fully understand the funding issues trying to get a positive PSA out there. I'm glad to see NJ is doing something about getting the kids walking and riding bikes. We all need to do more.

I think a wider variety of adult actors would have been better. Having the same 'parent' saying variations of the same statement (to hot, to cold, to windy...) doesn't do it for me. Follow the adult talking negatively with the kids immediately positive for the same thing - they can't walk in the rain/I love walking home in the rain....

Charlie more than 2 years ago

things parents say....

These are parents that, for all their 'good intentions', are crippling their kids by not allowing them to experience life. While I understand the safety/security aspect of it, there are ways around that, if they, the PARENTS, would get affirmatively involved.

Do as I have done -- escort the kids to school by riding with them! And all this BS about heavy backpacks, instruments, etc., is just an excuse to be decadent and lazy.

Ultimately, though, it's OK -- these are the kids that MY KIDS will trip and leave behind for the zombies to devour, while they escape! LOL!

Mark B. more than 2 years ago