June 10, 2011

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Bike lane option

I find some bike lanes are actually less safe than using the street. One in particular is a modified sidewalk so I'd pop in and out of view as I approached intersections - there's a lot of dense hedges. I gave up on that path as I'm pretty much invisible until the last moment. Someone doing a rolling stop would take me out.

Chris byron more than 1 year ago

fav cycling psa of all time

this is my favourite cycling psa of all time.

canjake more than 1 year ago

bike lanes

No i do not feel we should have to always ride in bike lanes as here in hfx there are cars parked in them at tiimes and we cant get around them in the bike lane, also the bike lanes here at times are full of holes ect i do ride in them as much as i can but sometims they are less safe than the road!

kimberley watson more than 3 years ago


Awesome video, just another example of police wasting their time ticketing people for no apparent reason. was there a crime being commited? If NYC needs the money maybe they dont need so many cops that apparantly have too much time on their hands.

S.Yeager more than 3 years ago



PETER B more than 3 years ago

Helmets don't work

An 11 year old girl was struck by a car. She was wearing a helmet. She sustained severe head injuries. Helmets don't work. This seemed to be a low speed collision.

ch1 more than 3 years ago


my understanding is that BC has no mandatory side path law. That means, a cyclist may use a traffic lane when a bike lane is available.

I also note in NYC, that a cyclist may leave a lane for a variety of reasons, including for safety.

If a cyclist encounters something in a lane that would be a threat to his/her safety, it is legal to go outside of the lane to avoid a collision.

police wrong more than 3 years ago

bikes lines are optional in Canada

It's my understanding that, in NYC, use of a bike lane is mandatory on a road where one is provided. However, there are plenty of exceptions, e.g. the lane is blocked, hazardous, etc., so that whenever one has a good reason not to use the lane, one would not be required to use it.

In Canada, fortunately, there is no requirement to use bike lanes. (As far as I'm aware.) This is just as well, since in many cases they are inconvenient or unsafe. (For example, they are often placed in the "door zone" of a line or parked vehicles.) On the other hand, a police car in Vancouver recently used its siren behind me, causing me to pull over, then the officer yelled "get in the bike lane!" (I was, as a matter of fact, preparing to make a left turn!) So some police officers may ignorant or confused on this point.

Richard Johns more than 3 years ago


isn't it interesting how the belief in the sanctity of helmets can distract from what is more important.

Without getting into a helmet debate (as in claiming simple falls are more dangerous than they are, and helmets can do more than they can or that helmeted cyclists die every day) I'm sure we can prevention is superior than mitigation and perhaps safer behavior is preferable to acting less safe (as in avoiding collisions by leaving an obstructed bike lane or not chancing injury because of faith in mitigation)?

Don't miss the point. Obstacles in bike lanes can be a greater danger than leaving a bike lane to avoid an obstacle. Isn't that the point of having a bike lane? Prevention?

Brad more than 3 years ago


I have broken two helmets in "minor" crashes. One was a hard-shell. Maybe I would not have suffered major brain injury without the helmet but sure saved me a lot of stitches. Also I am a helicopter flight nurse and paramedic - I have never responded to an accident scene for someone wearing a helmet who was dead when I got there or died from head injuries. Ever responded to accidents with helmetless bike riders who died from their head injuries? I sure have.

Informed more than 3 years ago


I have broken 3 helmets in crashes where I fell on the pavement and hit my head very hard. I am convinced that if I had not been wearing a helmet I would probably be dead now. I hit the pavement exceptionally hard.

Layne more than 1 year ago


Helmets are like the Emperor's new clothes.

No one wants to say anything about them, but they don't really matter because they don't really do what the wearers think they can.

People who wear them are just going along with what someone else told them and miss the fact that a simple fall from a bicycle rarely results in any serious injuries, impacts from motor vehicles do, and helmets can't provide adequate protection from them

Brad more than 3 years ago

Put on a helmet

Dude put on helmet if you gonna be crashing into things. Funny but not

Bob C more than 3 years ago

Not riding in the bike lane

You have bike lanes? :-)

I would agree totally IFF they had decent, dedicated bike lanes everywhere AND IFF they ticketed vehicles from driving in, or obstructing the bike lanes.

Just sayin'

Kim Kelln more than 3 years ago