July 4, 2013

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What ever fits!

A filing cabinet was a recent one, soon it'll be the X-mas tree.

shane griffin more than 1 year ago

What I've carried

I've carried all sorts of thing...two rolls of wool gabardine, totaling about 70 yards, in panniers; weekly grocery run for three; two hundred pounds of steer manure in a trailer; basically whatever I need. I also carried a new microwave to my mother's house in a messenger bag, and my wife's cello on my back (its case has shoulder straps).

Richard Risemberg more than 1 year ago


Some comments about pronounciation: pannier is pronounced pan-ee-ay. Paneer is a type of cheese from India

Catcat more than 1 year ago

How to get your surfboard on your bike


Martha more than 1 year ago

Love the video - Well Done! Looking good for new cyclists.

Love the video - Well Done! Also, I wonder about the power converter & blender. I've got energy to burn efficiently & power something useful.

KathyK more than 1 year ago


In a Burley D'lite trailer (for two kids) that I recently purchased (used) for the purpose!- I have carried as much as two beach chairs, a packed and iced cooler chest, swim gear & towels (for the Wife & I) and a picnic basket...we have yet to carry any of the little-ones! I bought just avoid driving to our picnics!

japii more than 1 year ago

Dog Carrier

Where did you get the dog carrier. I have a 22 lb Beagle and would love to carry him on the back of my bike.

Deb Pyle more than 1 year ago

Dog Carrier

I saw this as well and found this link as a possible option. The video looked like he got a wooden crate and just added mesh.

Lisa more than 1 year ago

Double mattress and boxspring...

plus 9 Rubbermaid bins on one load. That was one of my first experiences when I did a household move by bike in 2000. I used a trailer built by Tony Hoar--a fantastic person who since became a very good friend.

Now I have three of Tony's trailers, and use them for grocery shopping, carrying my projector, laptop and materials for cycling classes, and pretty much anything else.


Whatever you use for carrying cargo, you'll be amazed at how versatile the bike can be.

Allan Dunlop

Allan Dunlop more than 1 year ago

What can you carry?

Nice Video!
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Have good times on bikes

Reiner Sailer more than 1 year ago

Great tips!

Nice cameo by Gary Fisher!

Lorri Lee Lown -- Savvy Bike more than 1 year ago