November 22, 2010

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I'll sign!

If someone want's to start a petition to get rid of the mandatory helmet law, I'll sign it. I'll also help you collect signatures.

Maia more than 3 years ago

Helmets are the giant white elephant in the room.

Mandatory helmet laws are nothing more than a smokescreen with nothing but anecdotal evidence to back them up.
The experiment is ongoing here in Canada. With the evidence BUILDING toward an indication that head injuries are LOWER in the Provinces that have NO helmet law.
I have absolutely no problem with those who wish to wear them for their own personal wish for a "feeling" of safety; but helmets should be a matter of Choice.
It's very obvious that the Melbourne Bike Share is an experiment built to fail from the outset; with no use of the undeniable evidence from other centres that have successful Bike Shares around the world.
Lose the mandatory helmet law, and build improved cycling infrastructure.
'Nuff said.

Andrew Mitchell more than 3 years ago

Helmet Laws are important!

It may be inconvenient but mandatory helmet laws are there for a reason. They save lives!

Karyn Climans more than 3 years ago

Other options

Bike share infrastructure doesn't work with the helmet regulation. I applaud the work on encouraging cycling, but other infrastructure would have been better placed. One new product that I have found that would make a better fit would be the Gearlocks system. That system appears to support a more secure network for private bicycles.

Sean Bonnet more than 4 years ago

Helmet laws

Yep, really can't stand the helmet law. Unfortunately the roads are terrible for cyclists. There is a painfully slow change coming. 30yrs before it will be a Portland or Amsterdam

Martin more than 4 years ago

Helmet Law in 2012

I would like to invite people who are on Facebook to Like the Page "No Mandatory Helmets at Velo-city Global in Vancouver 2012". By Like-ing you will join a growing group who for various reasons are against the helmet law in BC. See

Speaking personally - and to explain why I am doing this as an outsider - when I am at the conference I don't want to be exploited by the local and national media as a visitor who agrees with the anti-cycling helmet law in BC. I don't want to appear in the papers or TV with a helmet on.

Todd Edelman more than 4 years ago

Re: helmet laws

Good points, Matt. I think you're right that an exemption on the helmet law for bike share use would open the floodgates to other helmet exemptions. Would this be a good thing or not?

Sarah more than 4 years ago

helmet laws

I did a lot of riding in the 2 years that I spent in Australia, probably on the order of 15000 km. Although I almost always wear a helmet even where not mandated, I hated the idea that grown adults didn't have the freedom of choice on the matter. Aussies seemed to put up with it because they generally have a high expectation that their nanny-state government will protect them on all matters, and then there's that universal healthcare, which presumably entitles the government to take these kinds of measures. And if they granted an exemption for this program, why shouldn't people on their own bikes be able to ride without helmets?

Matt more than 4 years ago

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