Yepp Easyfit Carrier and E-bike Adapter Review

Momentum Mag reviews Yepp Easyfit Carrier and E-bike Adapter.

PRICE $ 29.99 USD (regular), $35.99 USD (Extra long), $30.50 USD for E-Bike Adapter Kit


Easily installed with four bolts, Yepp’s Easyfit Carrier can attach to most back racks allowing you to mount Yepp’s Junior child seat on the back. Comes in regular size or extra long (XL). E-bike adapter allows you to mount Easyfit Carrier and Junior child seat on top of a battery pack.


If you’re looking for a solution to attaching a child seat to an abnormal back rack like a Xtracycle Flightdeck, or an E-bike with a back rack battery pack, try the Yepp Easyfit Carrier.


The Easyfit Carrier is simple and easy to use, I do wish that they Yepp Maxi Seat itself was a little bit lighter. On an E-bike that already has back weight from the battery, adding any child seat may feel wobbly for someone who is 5’1″, like myself. My husband who is 5’10” didn’t notice a thing.


Yepp sells both a regular size and XL size Easyfit Carrier, the difference is the XL version allows you to also carry panniers, which makes it the only option for me. Kudos to Yepp for thinking about bikes that come in different shapes and sizes.

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