Bike Shop – Hub and Bespoke in Seattle

Hub and Bespoke, in Seattle, WA’s Fremont neighborhood, is all about local inventiveness and personalization.

By Florence Hsu

Range of movement, washability and the need to look office-ready define the Hub and Bespoke clothing line. Dresses, accessories, bags and jackets for women meld together function and fashion – from pink galoshes and slipover dress shoes, to elegant cotton jersey dresses crafted in Fremont and chic yet waterproof bags designed to double as a handbag and pannier.

Hub and Bespoke, in Seattle, WA’s Fremont neighborhood, is all about local inventiveness and personalization.

The experience begins with a bicycle bedecked in flowers just outside the double French entry doors and continues with a welcoming greeting from owner Juliette Delfs. After working in product development for 20 years – initially in sportswear apparel design, and then home textile products – Delfs opened Hub and Bespoke in April 2010.

“The idea for the shop was only one of many possible manifestations of my dream of living in a city where bicycles are major mode of transportation,” she said. “I love how bicycles are a quiet and more social form of transport and the effect that has on city life. The shop allows me to tell a story that I hope helps shift bicycle riding away from sport/ recreation. I especially want women to see that bicycle transport is not just for the hale and hearty.”

Her flair for recognizing functionality, classic design and quality is apparent throughout the store: from the chandelier that lends elegance and panache to the store’s intimate cottage atmosphere, to the many bicycle-friendly accessories and clothes on display.

The store also features, and indeed cultivates, local designers. Custom-fitted pants in styles ranging from knickerbockers to dress pants are the Bespoke staple – the wool trousers from local designer Telaio were particularly impressive.

In keeping with the store’s theme of local, classic and bicycling-friendly, Telaio garments are made in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood and are both functional and flattering. Pockets designed to prevent items from slipping out while in the riding position, slim-legged styling and stretchy wool blend fabric address the stubborn wardrobe dilemmas many cyclists face, especially those in damp and cool places, such as Seattle.

There is also a sales rack where urban bicycling style – think slim capris in stretch denim and dapper ties and belts – can be found at irresistible discounts.

In the accessories department, Hub and Bespoke has on offer helmet covers, including an equestrian-inspired cover in black that Delfs designed herself; classically-inspired bags, including a leather satchel suitable for a laptop that also handily affixes to the top tube of most bicycles; USB-rechargeable lights; a tool roll from a local designer; and a canvas pannier made and designed in Camus, WA.

The range of colors and styles means that you can add an element of individuality to your cycling repertoire. Helmets come in bold tartan and whimsical patterns, as well as solid colors, and can feature such niceties as audio ear pads.

What began as a vendor booth at the 2010 Bike Expo has evolved into an online blog and a growing community of supporters, customers and vendors. Delfs’s idea of Hub and Bespoke as a hub for the bicycling community is happening with organized movie nights and now a Meetup group called Heels on Wheels. Visiting Hub and Bespoke in the pedestrian-friendly enclave of stores and eateries that is Fremont brought to mind all the things bicycling can and should be: invigorating, interesting, visually delightful and a real treat for the body and the spirit.

“It’s a virtuous circle. More riders mean more attention to infrastructure, which begets safer riding, which brings in more riders, especially female ones,” said Delfs. “I hear from people that they see so many more bicyclists riding in ‘normal clothes’.  Yay!”


  • deborah barnes

    I am going to make a special trip to Hub and bespoke after reading this article. I haven’t biked in years but this article has really made me reconsider the bicycle alt and tempt me back to 2 wheels. PS I do sane energy via bus. I also wonder about all the baggery , where can it 9cg8comfortably fit on a bke?

  • Reynolds-Anthony Harris

    Terrific design and one we should note at Venture North Bike Walk + Coffee | Terrific Magazine and article.

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