A Portable “Pop-up Hotel Room” That Comes with a Bicycle

The Travelbox allows you to bring your home furnishings and bicycle around the world with you.

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Photo by Juust.

Austrian design firm Juust has recently introduced the Travelbox, a portable pop-up hotel room designed for active travellers or urban dwellers who frequently switch locations. Aiming to cut down on the costs and waste associated with moving regularly, the Travelbox comes with the essential furniture for a single individual’s living needs, as well as a bike to enable transportation upon arrival.

The 132 pound case folds out into a bookshelf/ room divider, a table and chair which can double as a desk, a bed with a mattress and two pillows, and the bike. You can store your things, get a good night’s rest, check your email in the morning and then head out into the city on two wheels.

The whole set-up then folds back up into a sleek, durable, box weighing less than the average adult and measuring 6.8 feet long, 4 feet high, and 1.3 feet wide. It easily stands up to the bumps and bruises of international travel, and can be loaded into any home by any standard shipping company.

The Travelbox is a pretty interesting solution to a problem not common to many people, but pressing for those whose lifestyle creates it. Frequently moving, especially internationally, means frequently buying new furniture, or scrambling to find an available furnished apartment. Either option is costly and time consuming. To cut down on costs, many travellers end up simply living without furniture for longer than is comfortable or desirable.

It also means needing to rely on public transportation upon arrival in your new city or country, or buying a new bike when you get there, or constantly having to break your bike down for shipment, also a costly and annoying process.

The Travelbox enables travellers to bring the familiarity of home with them wherever life leads, and easily and safely transport their bicycle on international flights. We wouldn’t say the Travelbox will be “the future of travel” or any grandiose statement to the like, but for those who need it, it is an elegant, practical, and thoughtful solution.

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