ABUS Frame Lock Amparo ST 4850 with Cable and Chain Review

Momentum Mag reviews the ABUS Frame Lock Amparo ST 4850 with Cable and Chain.

PRICE: Frame Lock $49.95, 4850 Cable $19.99, 4850 Chain $29.95

FIND IT AT: abus.com

The ABUS Frame Lock is made from special hardened steel and uses their patented push’n lock closing mechanism for ease in attaching chain and cable accessories. Comes with two user-friendly reversible keys. The Cable is made from 12 mm steel. The Chain is made from 6mm square chain hardened steel and opens up the opportunity for locking your bike to a bike rack. The 4850 Cable and Chain are sold separately from the Frame Lock.


Choosing a lock that suits your bike security needs is always tough and a concern for every rider. What I loved about the ABUS Frame Lock is that it offers a completely new level of security. The Frame Lock attaches easily to any frame using screw threading and securely clamps around the back wheel to make the bike immobile when locked, unless you carry it. The 2-way key locking is very user friendly, negating the need to set or remember a code, and with the coordinating chain or cable provides added security and a means to attach the bike to a rack without an entirely separate second lock. I feel much more comfortable locking my bike up almost anywhere with this frame lock.


Aesthetically, the lock itself leaves a lot to be desired. It is pretty clunky and only available in black or black with silver, so it stands out on my colorful bike. I also wish the chain or cable were a bit longer so that I could wrap my wheel and frame and still have enough slack to close the lock.


For my needs, this lock is ideal. If I’m quickly running into a shop, my kids’ school, or elsewhere, I can simply engage the frame lock and go in to grab what I need with little to no fuss. For longer or overnight locking needs, the chain provides me with an extra sense of security. Because the lock is physically attached to my bike, and when engaged it blocks any movement, I feel more confident that it will deter a bike thief due to the added complications of trying to remove it without a significant amount of effort. I would recommend this lock to any one looking for a quality lock for an expensive bicycle, or any bike for that matter.

Melissa Bruntlett is a city-bicycle owner and enthusiast, living in Vancouver BC. She is co-owner of Modacity, a multi-service consultancy, focused on inspiring healthier, happier, simpler forms of urban mobility through words, photography and film. When not writing, blogging or consulting, she spends her time riding around her beautiful city with her husband and two young children. modacitylife.com @mbruntlett

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