An ABUS Helmet for Every Type of Rider

Can’t find the helmet to match your style? ABUS has a range of helmets to meet any of your style needs.

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If you’ve ridden a bike you know it’s the perfect opportunity to be a lookie-loo. As I ride to work I take particular interest in other city cyclists and the attire people choose to wear on their commute. I keep my eyes peeled for stylish commuters riding to work in what they plan to wear around the office all day. I take this is a great indicator that biking for transportation is being normalized and not seen as a recreational activity that requires you to kit up. Just look at commuters in Amsterdam.

It will be some time before the majority of North America realizes their jeans work just fine on the bike. Until then you’ll see anything from city chic to downright sporty rolling down bike lanes. To accommodate the divers range of styles ABUS offers helmets to accomodate any style. Whether you’re looking for a helmet that’s visible from afar or goes with your heels ABUS’ has a helmet for you.

ABUS offers helmets with good ventilation, great comfort and individual adjustment to fit your head. In addition, an integrated rear light provides additional safety on many of their children’s and urban helmets. Browse the latest helmets from ABUS below and find the one that’s right for you.

ABUS Yadd-I Bicycle HelmetYadd-I
You like clean lines and minimalism design? The angular, ‘polygon’-style makes the Yadd-I suitable for any urban setting. You’re the type of bicyclist that cruises through the city in your finest threads one night and has a need for speed the next. With forced air ventilation your head keeps cool so you can wear that peacoat or flannel while you race to make your dinner reservation.







ABUS Pedelec E-bike Helmet

You own an e-bike and not a day goes by that you don’t ride it. You’re comfortable hitting top speeds when the opportunity arises but your safety and visibility are always top of mind. The Abus Pedelec+ helmet is stronger and safer compared to a regular bicycle helmet. It features an EPS shock absorption layer which is thicker than on standard bike helmets.
ABUS Pedelec Helmet






Hyban ABUS HelmetBike Helmet Hyban
There is something about getting to your destination by your own strength that’s cool. You know it and so does everyone else. But looking cool also has to be comfortable. The Hyban’s precise adjustment system and removable and washable padding provide the highest wearing comfort. With a range of colours the Hyban will suit anyone who treats the city as their playground.

ABUS Hyban Helmet






ABUS Youn-1 ACEYoun-I Ace
Your bike is the only way you get around town. Whether your hauling books to university or picking up a week’s worth of groceries you’re in need of good ventilation. With 5 air inlets and 12 outlets, connected by deep air stream channels the Youn-I keeps you cool. When the sun shines bright you’ll have a visor to help block those blinding rays.

Abus Youn-I Ace






Abus Urban Bicycle HelmetUrban-I 2.0 Neon
You commute year round and the dark rainy nights won’t keep you off your bike. You want to visible and you know bright colours can make you stand out. The big, highly positioned and integrated LED rear light with 180° visibility on the Urban-I 2.0 Neon will also help. Winter kit and rain (not for XL) cap available as accessories.

ABUS Urban Bicycle Helmet






ABUS Kids Youn-I Bicycle HelmetsKids Youn-I MIPS
ABUS is renowned for their collection of children’s helmets for many years. The easy adjustments ensure that they fit perfectly on the head. Reflectors or an integrated back light provide additional safety. The Youn-I includes a Zoom Evo Kid – precise adjustment system with handy wheel.






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