ABUS Protection For Little Cyclists

One way to both spark and maintain children’s enthusiasm for bikes as riding conditions get less desirable is to get them more involved in the bike commuting process.

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At the start of every school year, bike racks at school are overflowing as students who spent their long summer days riding with friends aim to hold on to those joyful moments a little longer. Inevitably, by mid-October the number of bikes begin to dwindle, until eventually the racks stand almost unused. The question is: how do you keep kids riding all, or nearly all, year long?

One way to both spark and maintain children’s enthusiasm for bikes as riding conditions get less desirable is to get them more involved in the bike commuting process. More responsibility can be a great motivator for kids. When Mum and Dad lock up their bicycles after the bike ride, the little ones naturally want to do the same. So put the bike lock and key in their hand and show them how to keep their ride secure. A flashy new bicycle lock they can’t wait to use when they arrive at school might help as well.

ABUS has a great selection of fun locks and helmets for kids that are sure to get them excited for the ride into school. If you’re a fan of Momentum Mag you’ve likely seen the name ABUS come up a few times. We’re big fans of them! Full disclosure, they have been fantastic partners of Momentum Mag over the years but truthfully, they make stylish and practical locks and helmets that are guaranteed to keep your bike and your brain safe.

Check out these fun and kid friendly bike locks and helmets from ABUS:

My First ABUS Fire Truck Kids Lock

Lock 1: My first ABUS 1510 Fire Department

Protection against theft for the very little ones. With the My first ABUS 1510 Fire Department Chain Lock children learn playfully how to secure their bike. With the chain lock My first ABUS 1510 Fire Department locking up their bicycle this is child’s play. The design in the style of a fire truck provides for the extra bit of fun.

ABUS Kids Cable Lock

Lock 2: The Coil Cable Lock 1150 Kids

The Coil Cable Lock 1150 Kids is a suitable combination lock for children and offers excellent basic protection with a low risk of theft. The Coil Cable Lock 1150 Kids is the ideal helper to you secure you child’s bicycle or teach them responsibility. The lock is available in the attractive and cool colours of green, pink and orange and is opened using a combination of numbers. This means that the bicycle lock can easily be used by several people. The colourful plastic coating protects the bicycle from scratches and damage to the paintwork.


Helmet 1: Scraper 3.0 Kid

The Scraper Kid 3.0 is aimed at all young stuntmen and -women who prefer to spend their free time in the halfpipe or off-road. A robust helmet for this purpose, equipped with a variety of ABUS extras and cool enough to always cut a good figure. The helmet is very visible thanks to highly luminescent reflectors and ponytail friendly. Forced air cooling technology provides sophisticated ventilation system for an optimal head climate.

ABUS Smiley Kids Bike Helmet

Helmet 2: The Smiley 2.1

The Smiley 2.1 is the ideal companion for all children who are making their first attempts on a training bike. The helmet protects the head of the little ones reliably against falls and unavoidable collisions. This is ensured by ABUS’ innovative safety technology and the shock-absorbing helmet material (EPS). An integrated LED light in the adjustment wheel provides increased safety in darkness or dawn/dusk.


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