ABUS Releases the 640 Granit Plus

The 640 Granit Plus is a lighter, updated version of one of their most popular high-security U-locks. .

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Photo courtesy of ABUS.

Photo courtesy of ABUS.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and extremely secure bike lock, then look no further than the new ABUS 640 Granit Plus.

For years, the Momentum Mag team has relied on ABUS locks to make sure our bikes remain where we leave them. ABUS locks’ ease-of-use, excellent theft protection, and innovative designs all appeal to our smart living by bike ideals.

This year, ABUS has redesigned and refreshed one of their most popular high-security bicycle U-locks. The all new 640 Granit Plus bumps the security rating up to 12 out of 15 with thicker shackles while also managing to drop some weight. This means you get a bike lock that’s a pain for potential thieves, yet is easy to carry with you.

Ease-of-use has also been improved on the 640 Granit Plus with the addition of a ball locking mechanism that holds the shackle in place while locking. And once locked, the 640 Granit Plus provides excellent protection against twist and pull attacks as well as cuts, requiring both sides of the shackle to be cut through to release your bike.

The 640 Granit Plus is available in two soft touch colors with a 6″ shackle for $99 USD, the perfect size for most city bikes. For cargo bikes or longtails, a 9″ shackle is also available for $129 USD. Head to your local bicycle shop to find an ABUS lock for your city bike.

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  • claude

    You’re wrong, Abus Granit Plus isn’t lighter than Granit Futura, it’s heavier. Bigger, wider, stronger…what did you think ?
    Maybe, you forgot there are 2 sizes for the granit futura…

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