ABUS Locks Sponsors E-Bike Lending Library

ABUS helps you discover the perfect e-bike by sponsoring the E-Bike Lending Library

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We are excited to announce ABUS as a sponsor of our E-Bike Lending Library Project. This partnership just goes to show their commitment to growing bicycle culture at a local level and helping people discover a bike they’ll want to ride everyday.

We have long been supporters of ABUS, trusting our most valuable possession with their locks. As we get set to launch the E-Bike Lending Library we couldn’t think of a more reliable and easy to use lock than the ABUS Bordo to keep our fleet of bikes secure. Locking your own bike while getting around town is always a concern but locking a bike that technically isn’t yours is a whole other can of worms. So when you take a bicycle out from the E-Bike Lending Library you’ll be supplied with either an ABUS Bordo Big 6000 or a Bordo Granit X Plus 6500 lock so you can feel good knowing the bike is safe no matter where you are.

ABUS revolutionized the bike lock when they came out with their Bordo family of locks creating an entirely new type of lock – the folding lock. The Bordo locks have most certainly caught your eye and we are starting to see companies mimic the brilliant folding lock design.

Bordo Granit X Plus 6500

The ABUS Granit X Plus 6500 has an ABUS security rating of 15 out of 15. The lock features 5.5mm temper hardened steel bars encased in an extra soft coating to protect your bike’s paint job. With it’s thick steel bars and large pins holding the bars together the ABUS Granit X-Plus is very difficult to cut. While the weight of a high security Gold rated lock might seem like a lot to carry on your bike this is where the folding lock shines. The folding design of the lock allows it to become quite compact so when it’s in the frame mounted carrying case the weight is kept close to the frame preventing any movement or weight shift. With a typical high security U-lock the opposite is true and rattling can occur as the weight is distributed away from the frame. The folding design of the ABUS Granit X-Plus makes for much easier locking in busy city bike racks. It’s flexibility allows you to weave it through areas giving your more options for getting the lock around your bike then the stiffness of a U-lock might.

Bordo Big 6000

The ABUS Bordo Big 6000 provides the security of a U-Lock with the flexibility of a chain – supersized to meet your over-sized locking needs. The 120 cm total length makes it easy to lock two bikes together to a fixed object and perfect for fat bikes, cargo and e-bikes. This length has proved to be a huge advantage and while it does add weight to the lock transporting the lock is easy to do in it’s rattle free frame mounted carrying case. ABUS Bordo Big can secure a bicycle to especially thick objects like lampposts or trees which is common as cities struggle to keep up with the demand for bike parking.

With the support of ABUS, Momentum Mag’s E-Bike Lending Library is a project inspired by the growing interest in commuting by bicycle and the shortage of opportunities for new and seasoned riders alike to try and discover new bike and bike accessory brands that best suit their lifestyle. In the coming days Momentum Mag will launch its first E-Bike Lending Library in Vancouver, BC  and a second being planned in Seattle, WA in partnership with the bicycle manufacturers, local businesses and the local stakeholders like the municipal government, health authority, along with support from our local advocacy group and like-minded organizations.  We invite other interested cities to get in touch to see if this would be a viable project to launch in your city.

Project Goals:

  • Health – By offering the electric bikes as a transportation option, we allow our local citizens to participate in active transportation.
  • Economic Development – This project exists because there is a gap in the market of electric bike retailers. As transportation needs and urban planning in cities continue to change, we see the demand for electric bikes growing, but a lack of electric bike dealers across North America
  • Behavioural change in transportation – As cities work towards moving mode share from cars to alternative modes of transportation such as walking and biking, an electric bike is a fantastic option for those who need to travel distances between 5-30km.
  • Accessibility – For families that would like to use bicycles as their mode of transportation, it can become a challenge when your family grows. Riding a cargo bike or pulling a trailer may be a more accessible if an electric bike option is available.
  • Community Engagement – Through this project, we hope to engage local residents to extend their current neighbourhood enjoyment.  By introducing electric assist bicycles, those who have adopted biking as their primary mode of transportation can re-discover places that have been less visited due to being too far away to reach by bike or too hilly of a ride to get to the destination.
  • Product Development – Providing user feedback will help these manufacturers adapt their designs to be more suitable for city riding.
  • Fun!  – As with any project that involves biking, the goal is for participants to have fun and add more time to enjoy an active lifestyle.

This project is open to residents of the Greater Vancouver area. We encourage you take a look at the fleet of bicycles currently available for you to test out as part of E-Bike Lending Library. Know a friend who has been thinking about purchasing a e-bike or cargo bike? Share the Bicycle Lending Library with them and we might just have exactly what they are looking for!

Don’t be shy! ABUS ready and up for the challenge of keeping the E-Bike Lending Library fleet of bikes safe.

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