Testing ABUS’ Yadd-I Helmet in the Summer Heat

The intelligent ventilation system of the Yadd-I helmet helps you beat the heat during your summer commute

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Find it at: www.abus.com
Price: $89.99

Its angular, minimalist, ‘polygon’-style design means that the Yadd-I fits into every urban setting. Reduced to the key elements, it provides outstanding ventilation thanks to three intelligently positioned ventilation ducts, which connect five ventilation holes. The intelligent ventilation system of the Forced Air Cooling Technology keeps your head cool despite the closed helmet design. The newly developed Soft Tune System automatically adapts to the wearer’s features thanks to the flexible elastic fastener, and ensures an exceptional fit with maximum comfort. The Yadd-I is available in two versions: monochrome in stylish colours or in a “streak” design with colour-coordinated dynamic colour stripes.

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I hated putting on a helmet till I found one that I actually liked the look of. I still wear it reluctantly but that’s because I feel safe enough riding along the city’s many bike routes and my head get’s so hot when it’s on. That’s where the ABUS Yadd-I comes in. It’s got a unique and stylish design and the Forced Air Cooling Technology has definitely helped keep my temperature down making this helmet more enjoyable than most to wear.

The ‘polygon’-styled edges that are visible on the outer shell make a real statement – a helmet with good ventilation doesn’t need to look like one worn by lycra clad cyclists.

Wish List
Honestly, I got nothing to say here. It’s lightweight, looks great, comfortable to wear, and comes in some great color options. What else can a city cyclist wish for?

Ideal user
If you’re worried about buying a helmet that you’ll never actually want to wear then go with the ABUS Yadd-I. It’s a well designed helmet that will help to keep your head cool. If looking good is your main concern the Yadd-I definitely has style points.

During the summer months I find it especially hard to put a helmet on. My head heats up and I end up wiping the sweat from my eyes shortly after I set off. The ABUS Yadd-I helps with this issue. While it may not look well ventilated the placement and design of vents creates a “forced air” effect that has been working pretty well. My head still heats up but I don’t find myself dripping in sweat while wearing it. The padding is removable and washable so you can eliminate any odors that may develop over time.

The modern look of the helmet makes it well suited for the city cyclist. It’s got a low profile so it feels light and won’t strain the neck if you decide to go for longer rides. Made with IN-MOLD technology this provides a durable connection between the outer shell and the shock-absorbing helmet material.

I am a huge fan of the soft tune system. It’s very comfortable and the helmet feels like a perfect fit. The system holds your head softly but enough to keep the helmet stable and secure on your head even when making those quick shoulder checks.  No headaches. No Discomfort.

Sam is the marketing specialist at Momentum Mag. When not riding his bicycle to the top of a mountain he can be found with a permanent market in his hand. While not one to view the world in black and white his art is just that. IG: @vancouver.goods

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