Convenient Security with ABUS’ YourPlus™ System

The YourPlus™ system from ABUS allows you to use a single key for several locks on one or more bikes.

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YourPlus Bike Lock System

Do you ever feel like one bike lock is not enough?  You’re probably right.  If you are leaving your bike outside for more than a half hour you’ll want to make sure your lock goes through your frame’s triangle while also considering what to do about the parts of the bike that aren’t secured by your lock. But does your keychain look like ours? This is when multiple locks requiring different sets of keys are needed to help keep your bike secure. Own multiple bikes? The lock and key situation can get out of hand quickly. Own an e-bike?  Now you also have the key to the battery to worry about.

ABUS YourPlus Bike Lock system

Momentum Mag’s key chain is in dire need of the YourPlus system.

Soon your keychain starts to feel as heavy as the u-lock you lug around on your bike. Time to shed a few keys. Unfortunately this is when they begin to go missing or you realize too late that you forgot to bring the one you needed. The back and forth from apartment to bicycle makes your attempt at organization feel more like complete waste of time.

Enter ABUS’ YourPlus system, a comfortable one-key solution for your bike. Thanks to the system they exclusively offer for their high-quality Plus Cylinders, you can operate different locks with only one key. The YourPlus ™ system works with u-locks, folding locks, frame locks, and padlocks from ABUS so you can order cross-category combinations of the different locks using the same key. Even the battery on your e-bike can be unlocked with the same single key.

The code card that comes with each YourPlus ™ lock  “saves” your key code, which allows you to purchase keys or locks even after purchase – in any quantity! Any new lock you order is built around your existing key even if it’s year’s after you purchased the YourPlus ™ system.

We’re excited to see a system like this from ABUS. We’ve lost too many good locks because of misplaced keys. This system is a great option for the e-bike rider and individuals and families that may need multiple locks for different uses. The advantages of this system are obvious and we can’t wait to lighten up our key chains!

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Your Plus System ABUS Bicycle Locks

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