Atir Cycles Single-speed/ Fixed Gear Bike Review

As part of our mail order bikes series from Momentum Mag issue 66 July/ August 2014, Phoebe Redlin reviews the Atir Cycles Single-speed/ Fixed Gear Bike.

PRICE: $325


AVAILABLE IN: US or Canada online

The Atir Cycles single-speed bike is made of a high tensile tig-welded frame and fork with deep dish wheels and 700c tires. Comes equipped with a front alloy brake and can be assembled as either a single-speed or fixed gear bike. After ordering the bike online it will arrive within 1 to 3 business days, 90 percent assembled. The bike is available in various color options and includes a 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects on the frame and forks.


This bike is pretty fun to ride down the bike lane with a flashy a pair of neon green rims and have people shout out to you “sweet ride” or “sick bike” when waiting for the light to change. The Atir is a head turner and it feels pretty unstoppable when you’re riding it.


From the deep dish tires, the Atir gives the allusion of a speedy racing bike, however I found due to its weight that my slightly hilly commute to work was not quite as fast and smooth as I had expected. That said, at the affordable price point of this bike this is hardly a point of contention. One component that I would like to see updated for Atir Cycles’ next version is the grips. Walking down the street wheeling the Atir beside me, the plastic gummy grips kept catching on passerby’s shirts, yanking them back and gaining me quite a few dirty looks. A smoother material for the grips would work much better on these straight handlebars.


The Atir is great for an urban college or university student who is looking for bike that will let them whip around the campus or city in style without burning a hole in their pocket. If you live at the top of a steep hill this may not be the right bike for you, but you can certainly whiz around doing errands, biking to a show, or partaking in a bike rave with this single-speed.


After choosing from the available colors on Atir Cycle’s website, the only other choice you have to make is what size of frame you want (54 cm or 58 cm). The bike arrived promptly to our office without scratches or additional charges. Having only the front alloy brake, we decided to assemble the bike as a fixie. Putting together the bike was seamless and easy; however it is advised for anyone with any kind of ability to get the bike double checked by your local bike shop before taking to the streets.


For the price of this bike, the Atir is a pretty little package for those looking for a cool single-speed or fixed gear bike. I definitely felt sporty when riding on bike lanes to and from the office, but did not find myself reaching for this bike when darting out to see friends as it didn’t feel easy to whip around with. Having the option to have two brakes on the bike might solve this. Overall, the Atir single-speed is the perfect bike for someone that is looking for a simple bike that will grab the attention of just about anyone you cruise by.

This bike was self-assembled by Momentum Mag.

Phoebe Redlin is the Editorial Assistant at Momentum Mag.

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