Beg Bicycles Handlebar Handbag Hugger

The Beg Bicycles Handlebar Handbag Hugger is a spring-loaded accessory that lets you keep your bag within reach while you ride.

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This nifty little device (with a name I bet you can’t say three time in a row) is the perfect cycle chic accessory.

The Beg Bicycles Handlebar Handbag Hugger is great for times when you want to travel light. It’s also the perfect device for showing off the new handbag you just picked up on eBay.

The Handlebar Handbag Hugger is spring-loaded to ensure all of your valuables are kept in place, it’s easy to attach to handlebars with a simple screwing mechanism, and it is made from chromium-plated steel so it won’t rust and can be permanently left on your bike. 

Most importantly, the sleek design and chrome-plated steel material will compliment your bike, even if you’re not using it. Spring-loaded handlebar huggers have long been a staple on Dutch cruisers and it’s about time we start seeing them make their way over to this side of the pond.


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