A Beginner’s Guide to Biking to Work

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Forget your ideas of bike commuting. Bike commuting is practical, liberating, and a great way to integrate fresh air and exercise into your daily routine. It allows you to arrive at work energized and ready for the day, and is not nearly as challenging as you might think. While your transportation choices may be an afterthought now, joining the growing ranks of people cycling to work offers you the chance to turn your commute into something more meaningful. It’s a small choice that’s part of a much broader movement towards a cleaner, healthier planet and happier, more connected communities. And the best part? It’s really fun.

While bike commuting can seem daunting to those who don’t currently ride, it need not be. In our latest free guide, we outline the major benefits of bike commuting, go over the equipment you’ll want, provide solutions to common concerns, and offer advice on route planning and other practicalities to get you started.

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Bike 2 Work Week Guide

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Bike commuting is practical, liberating, and a great way to integrate fresh air and exercise into your daily routine. In this guide we outline the major benefits of bike commuting, go over the equipment you’ll want, provide solutions to any concerns, and offer advice on route planning and other practicalities.

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  • I wanted to bring to your attention a new approach to solving a major bike commute problem.

    After speaking with dozens of commuters I’m convinced the primary reason most don’t bike commute is the excessive length of commutes and barrier infrastructure such as freeways and bridges that effectively segregate residential neighborhoods from workplaces (duh, right?). Public transit even inadvertently acts as a barrier to cycling because it is so difficult (and often illegal) to take bikes aboard.

    I came up with an express bus model that is built around the use of folding bikes. With a simple modification to the luggage area of a commuter bus (similar to a tour bus), riders can arrive by bike, stow them, and then get a fast bus-lane ride to an employment center, where they deboard and bike their own way to work. In the Bay Area, where I’m trying to launch, most people would only need to bike around 3 miles, and take the bus for about 10 miles. This actually results in a trip that is faster and cheaper than driving, as the bus is nonstop and takes the bus/carpool lanes to skip traffic.

    Thanks for your attention!

    Our IndieGoGo campaign is at https://igg.me/at/BikeLeap/x/14007949

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