12 City Cycling Instagram Accounts You HAVE to Follow

We’ve selected our favorite city cycling Instagram accounts that are great inspiration for your next ride

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Best City Urban Cycling Instagram Accounts

Behind Handlebars


Behind Handlebars is one of the most original and captivating urban cycling feeds we have seen on Instagram. Under the mantra ‘a life behind handlebars’, this concept-based super cool feed is dedicated to show the world from behind the handlebars, and at the same time encourage others to also use the bike as a tool for exploration and pleasure. From his hometown of Copenhagen, the Dane, Oliver, snaps behind handlebars shots from both famous and secret spots around Copenhagen, and also takes his project with him to cities all over the world. A true urban cycling explorer and the number one account you HAVE to follow on Instagram.  


Preferred Mode


A feed dedicated to portray the city’s cyclists in all their many shapes and forms. Whether it is the everyday commuter, the hipster fixed-gear rider, the elegant gentleman, or the lowrider from the hood, they are all beautifully displayed on Preferred Mode’s feed, and together create a testimony to the great diversity of cyclists you find in the city.

Best City Urban Cycling Instagram Accounts

Luca Botte


If you have have been using social media for just a fair bit, you have definitely seen one of Wolfbotts’ wildly creative viral videos that he made together with the brand Dafnefixed and other cyclists. Whether it’s their own version of the mannequin challenge in a cycling setting, or him literally smoking road cyclists, Wolfbotts is constantly pushing the limits for creativity and skill for urban cyclists.

Best City Urban Cycling Instagram Accounts

I Have This Thing With Bikes


The concept is simple: take your bike, park it in front of something cool or pretty, and then your bike might end up on this really cool concept-based Instagram. Pictures of bikes from all over the world has found their way to this beautiful feed, and you can spend hours scrolling your way through tons of bikes and colorful backgrounds.

Best City Urban Cycling Instagram Accounts

The International Women’s Bike Messenger Association.


There is probably no bigger symbol for urban cycling than bike messengers. They race around the town that they know better than their own back pocket and literally live on their bike. WBMA is the world’s first women’s bike messenger, and on the association’s Instagram they display the joys of bike messaging with meet-ups, alleycat races, and shots from delivery jobs.

Best City Urban Cycling Instagram Accounts

Gökhan Kutluer


What do you do when you love road cycling but you also love the space of the city and fashion? You do as Italy based Göhkan Kutluer and combine the two worlds into a beautiful and original twist to urban cycling. The result is a classy fashion-conscious cycling feed, often with Göhkan himself classy dressed, on- or with one of his many road bikes in a city setting. Occasionally, though, he does decide swap his normal, classy appearances to proper cycling clothes and climbs one of the Italian mountains, which he also beautifully pictures on his feed.

Best City Urban Cycling Instagram Accounts

Larry Vs. Harry


Originating from the dream of creating the perfect cargo bike, the Danish company Larry vs. Harry is constantly pushing the limits for what you can actually use a bike for. On their Instagram feed you get an exciting view into the world of cargo bikes, and it is particularly fun to see how many different things you can transport and use this genius innovation for. This is certainly the future of urban transportation in the city.

Best City Urban Cycling Instagram Accounts



The very first line in this neat Instagram feed’s description says it all: for the urban woman. CityWomanCycle’s feed is all about the cycling women: classy and cool portraits, beautiful scenery, bike accessories, fun graphic designs and much more! An aesthetically pleasing feed that is definitely worth taking a closer look at!

Best City Cycling Instagram Accounts

Amsterdam Cycle Chic


Amsterdam Cycle Chic is documenting life on the streets from one of the world’s most bike friendly cities. They believe everyone around the world deserves to live in a place where you can safely cycle to work, to school and anywhere else you would like! With their Instagram and blog they want to inspire people around the world to create a cycling city like Amsterdam.

Best City Cycling Instagram Accounts

唐以全 (Y.C. Tang)


Y.C. Tang is a Taiwanese photographer showing the rapidly growing underground fixed-gear culture in Taiwan, and it probably does not get any more urban than this. On his feed Y.C. Tang is featuring everything urban: aesthetics, fixed gear acrobatics, fast-paced pursuits and unique bikes, all in an urban setting, primarily from his home ground Taipei.

Best City Cycling Instagram Accounts



Having built one of the largest communities of urban cyclists in the world this Spanish magazine is a great reference for any one looking for city cycling inspiration. They do a great job of making the fight to fill our cities with more bicycles look sexy and accessible to all. The images and ideas they share will surely make you want to get on your bike.

Best City Cycling Instagram Accounts

Momentum Mag


Us of course! We hope you don’t think we are being cheeky here but we promise we won’t disappoint. We aim to influence a shift in the transportation culture in North America from car-centricity to a balance of public transportation, appropriate car use, walking and bicycling, by showcasing riding a bike as a fun, smart, stylish and sexy way to get around. Give us a follow!

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