Bicycle Astronomy

Doug Reilly is out to change the world, one star party at a time.

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Doug Reilly is out to change the world, one star party at a time.

Bicycle Astronomy combines Doug’s love of stargazing and cycling with his desire to build a more sustainable community here on planet Earth. Bicycle Astronomy’s spontaneous star parties are easily accessible by foot and by bike, and Doug transports all of the gear – telescopes included – on his Yuba Mundo longtail cargo bike.

Bicycle Astronomy is based in Geneva, NY, a small post-industrial city of 13,000 in upstate New York. Doug said that he hopes Bicycle Astronomy’s events will “give people a greater sense of context, placing the local within the universal and challenging them to imagine a bolder, more sustainable future.” Whether at a star party, farmers market or the daily commute, Doug’s bike is easily spotted around town, which is intentional. Doug noted, “You see an occasional trailer in Geneva, but there hasn’t been a cargo bike until now. It piques people’s curiosity.”

If you’re interested in starting your own bicycle astronomy initiative, the Bicycle Astronomy blog has loads of information on astronomy and cycling. Doug is even designing a telescope kit that’s specially made for bicycle transport.

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