Bicycles At Hotels: The Latest Amenity

Custom city bikes are quickly becoming a must-have at hotels across North America.

Exploring the exciting possibilities of a new city while zipping around on a bicycle is a joy, but when your hotel provides you with a two wheeled cruiser, now that’s luxury. Across North America, boutique hotels are providing guests with stylish city bikes allowing them to explore city streets. Along with pools, spas, and fine dining, bicycles are becoming the new amenity norm aimed at enhancing customer experience.

If you spot a shutter-happy rider on the saddle of a powder blue cruiser in Palm Springs, CA, they are most likely a guest at the Saguaro Hotel. The recently renovated Saguaro Hotel prides itself for “uncomplicated fun with some 1950s Technicolor.” Delivering on this style promise, the hotel teamed with Republic bikes, outfitting their Palm Springs and Scottsdale, AZ, hotels with branded Plato Dutch cruisers. From sunrise to sunset, guests are encouraged to take the bikes out, free of charge, and experience sun-kissed sights around town.

Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants, a franchise of over 60 hotels in 26 US cities, has recently equipped all of its properties with fleets of high-quality, red PUBLIC bikes. “As a bike enthusiast commuter myself, I could not be more excited to bring this complimentary perk to our guests,” said Mike DeFrino, Kimpton’s newly appointed chief operating officer. The hotel franchise’s partnership with San Francisco-based bicycle company PUBLIC extends the hotel’s brand through design-focused, customized, European-inspired city bikes.

Knowing that visitors to Vancouver, BC, will want to experience the city’s network of bicycle paths and seawalls, The Burrard provides free bicycles to their guests. Centrally located, The Burrard has put a modern twist on a retro concept by partnering with Brooklyn Cruiser and providing a full rack of vintage-inspired The Driggs 3 and Willow 3 model bikes. Some of the bikes are equipped with wooden storage boxes on the back for spontaneous purchases along the way. Dani Pretto, general manager of The Burrard, raved that Brooklyn Cruiser bikes have “cool style combined with simple design [making] them the perfect fit for our guests to check out the city by bike.”

Quiet, affordable, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing, bikes are becoming a way for hotels to distinguish themselves and attract active guests looking for new experiences. From conceptually designed rooms to excursions on customized city bikes, these boutique hotels aim to immerse guests and provide an experiential stay. Vacationers and visitors alike can get around on two wheels and gain a unique understanding of a city’s culture. There is no longer a need to haul your bike with you as a stylish city cruiser is waiting for you at your next hotel.


The Burrard 1100 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC

Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants 60 hotels in 26 US cities

The Saguaro Palm Springs 1800 E Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, CA

The Saguaro Scottsdale 4000 N Drinkwater Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ


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