Bike-friendly Hotels in North America

Tips for finding bike-friendly hotels. Plus a map of many such hotels in North America.

Victoria, BC, is leading North Americans to bike-friendly accommodations and putting together a hotel ranking system at Their website has helpful tips that will get you in the know. When planning your next trip, look for a hotel that:

  1. allows bikes in the rooms or has secure, covered bicycle parking,
  2. offers complimentary bikes on-site or discounted rentals nearby,
  3. is on or near the city’s cycling path network and keeps cycle route maps on hand,
  4. is near bike shops,
  5. has an equipment check-in or lockers where cyclists can secure belongings after they check out.

For the hardcore cyclist, check to see if the hotel offers a place to hang up wet cycling clothing, or has laundry facilities, and if it has an on-site DIY bike wash center with basic tools to tune or pump up.

Hotel San Jose (1316 South Congress Ave., Austin, TX)

Rents out Townie Cruisers and a PUBLIC Bike, locks and helmets. Bike racks outside, and some weather protected storage, some tune-up tools and bike washing can be arranged. Located on one of Austin’s “killer bike lane system” roads.

EPIC Hotel (270 Biscayne Blvd. Way, Miami, FL)

Lends bicycles, including tandem bikes and bicycles for men, women and children, along with locks and helmets. Kimpton recently opened another bike-friendly hotel in South Beach.

Bowery Hotel NYC (335 Bowery, NY, NY)

The Bowery in NYC offers complimentary bikes to their guests.

Ruschmeyer’s (161 Second House Rd., Montauk, NY)

Offers cycling as one of many activities available to guests.

Accent Inns (3233 Maple St., Victoria, BC)

This hotel chain allows bikes in ground floor rooms, has laundry facilities and has a wash and tuning station.


  • Momentum Mag

    Hi Jason,
    For those thinking about planning their first vacation by bike, it can be very helpful to stay at a hotel that caters to a cycling lifestyle. It’s much more than taking a bike into a room, it’s resources, proximity and support that make a stay in a bike-friendly hotel much more enjoyable, especially for first time bike travelers. Thanks for sharing your tips though! Sounds like you are a very seasoned bike traveler – and probably not the target audience of this article.

  • jason

    This is goofy. I have stayed in Hyatts, Hiltons, Doubletrees and the like as well as B&Bs, crummy little motels, and venerable historical hotels. Never had a problem bringing a bike in. Just make sure its clean and don’t use the hotel towels to wipe it down…
    In fact if you ask for some rags to clean the bike up before wheeling it through the lobby into an elevator they are usualy pretty accomodating.

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