The Bike Lock Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Bicycle Security

We’ve put together a comprehensive free guide to bike locks and bicycle security for any environment.

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Bike Lock Guide Best Bicycle Locks

For most of us city cyclists, bicycle security is a daily concern. The moment of anticipation when you return after leaving your bike locked up, but unattended, for a few hours in the evening can turn to shock and dismay if it’s not where you left it. Finding a broken lock in place of your bike may bring tears, cursing, plots of revenge, promises to get a better lock or a cheaper bike and other outbursts in a range of emotions. It’s traumatizing.

Worst case is you abandon riding, giving in to the spectre of an ever-present threat of theft. Or you buy a beater bike, even though you ride many miles daily, just so it won’t hurt so much next time it’s stolen. But why next time? Bike theft may be problematic in many places, but making the effort to have the least attractive bike to thieves starts with the right locks and smart accessorizing. A nice bike, locked up securely with a quality lock may not be worth the time when a lesser bike is locked up with an easy-to-cut lock right beside it. Bike thieves are an opportunistic bunch – give them nothing to work with.

We love our bikes, sometimes more than we should for an inanimate machine. Our bikes are our daily connection to the streets, the hidden parts of our cities, the slow rolls along park paths when the ride home from work deserves a few extra miles under a setting sun. They are part of our identity, let nobody take that.

To help you choose the best bike lock setup possible for your cherished ride, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to bicycle security for any circumstances. In this guide, we share some stats on bicycle theft, tips on the best ways to lock your bike (and some ways to avoid), types of locks to use, new technologies combating theft, a directory of brands, and much more. Love your bike and keep it safe!

Best Bike Lock Guide - How to Lock your bike and best bike locks

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In this guide, we share stats on bicycle theft, the best ways to lock your bike and which ways to avoid, types of locks to use, new technologies combating theft, a directory of brands and much more!

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