Raleigh Clubman Bike Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Raleigh Clubman in size XL 62 cm.

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Price $1,200 USD

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Available Currently only available in US bike stores The Raleigh Clubman features a steel touring frame outfitted with a Brooks leather saddle, painted metal fenders, 20-speed Shimano components, and comfortable drop down bars. The test bike size was the XL 62 cm frame.

Tell Your Friends

The bike is beautiful and capable of almost everything. People will literally stop to wave at you, whistle, and yell things like: “Wow nice bike!”

Wish List

The stock pedal set is not comfortable for big feet. I had to remove the standard, medium size clips that come on the bike. The available gear ratios on the 20-speed are not ideal for places with super steep hills.

Ideal Rider

The touring frame makes this bike ideal for a city rider who may also want to take long leisure trips on the weekend. Rack mounts and a steel frame mean that the Clubman can handle the added weight of full panniers and bags.


Straight from the shop this bike is ready to roll! For its class, the Raleigh Clubman is a great buy and noticeably light at only 24 pounds (11 kilograms). The bike is beautiful, versatile, and suitable for people of all heights. The bike rides smooth and the shifting was seamless. Overall it handled like a dream.

This bike was generously put together by American Cyclery in San Francisco, CA. americancyclery.com


  • Nikolay

    Very beautiful bike! I am tall and I love steel frame bike. I would purchase this one for sure if I was not from the other part of the world (Bulgaria)

  • Anne

    I’m shopping for a bike. I’m not quite as tall as you, but also finding my options limited for similar reasons. I’m looking for a mixte, and there are few options available over 55 cm. A local shop is getting a Clubman mixte soon in a large size. I was already looking forward to my test ride. After your review of the diamond frame Clubman, I’m even more curious to try the mixte version.

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